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Season 1, Episode 13

Don’t ‘Should’ on Yourself – The Villain Role in the Drama Triangle

About this episode:

Dive into the Villain mindset on the drama triangle. As part of the drama triangle series, this episode will teach you about the powerful Villain aspect. The Villain guilts, shames, judges, and blames. Learning this framework will make you more self-aware about limiting mindsets that lead to drama and dysfunction. 

By the end of the episode, you will gain more skills to move away from drama and towards empowerment. Question the stories that hold you back and free yourself from negative cycles. 


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Learn how to break free from the cycle of blaming, criticizing, and judging others. Discover the different villain personas and how to stop being a villain yourself. Recognize the power of stories and how they shape your perception. Empower yourself to resolve issues and conflicts with self-awareness. Find out what to do when encountering someone in villain mode. Understand the importance of recognizing drama and questioning your limiting mindsets. Free yourself from negative cycles and move towards empowerment. Dive into the Villain mindset on the drama triangle and gain valuable skills for personal growth.

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Want to hear more about drama?

Learn how to limit your time spent in drama by recognizing drama in its three main forms, the cost of drama, and how to recognize the warning signs of drama. This episode explains what the Drama Triangle model is and its different aspects.

By the end of this coaching session, you will be able to Identify what each Drama Triangle archetype represents and the way they impact your behavior and leadership. Discover how the Victim, Villain, and Hero manifest in your life and how to recognize the limiting stories you’ve been telling yourself. 

Gain the tools to combat Below the Line stories and shift Above the Line when you find yourself in drama.


04:47 A quick overview of the Drama Triangle and how identifying these patterns helps you break out of them. 

11:15 How to know when you are in villain mode and why it matters.

17:39 Different flavors of the villain and how you might behave in villain mode. 

22:33 Drama is contagious, and villains spread the drama

24:56 How to shift out of villain mode and come into power

28:10 Question your stories and reduce their negative impact

36:38 How to handle other people who are in villain mode. 

39:54 What happens when you stay a villain 

42:15 A real example of moving from villain mode and into empowerment and accountability.

47:07 Learn to love all parts of you and let go of “right” and “wrong”

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