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Season 1, Episode 39

Whole Body Yes – How to Create Clear Agreements that You Can Actually Keep

About this episode:

Have you ever said yes to something where you had a bad gut feeling? How did that go? Or have you said yes to something where you knew you really didn’t mean it? How did that go?

The number one reason people end up breaking agreements is because they didn’t really agree to begin with. They didn’t have a whole body yes. Today we focus on a super easy hack to clean up your life, free up your energy, and allow life to flow through you – only say yes to things where you have a whole body yes.

The whole body yes is a stepping stone. Every single yes you can say that’s whole body is a stepping stone toward your purpose, toward living in your genius.

So, what does it mean to have a whole body yes? How do you know if you have one? Why is it important? And how can you find one when you really want to make change and you just can’t seem to find that whole body yes? Listen to this episode to learn about how you can access and begin using the whole body yes in your daily agreements. 


Read more about whole body yes

Discover the power of the Whole Body Yes concept in this insightful article. Learn how saying yes only when you have a Whole Body Yes can free up energy, keep you in integrity, and help you live in your zone of genius. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a more fulfilling life.

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  • 4:55 – What does it mean to have a whole body yes – or a full body yes?
  • 9:26 – Why is having a whole body yes important?
  • 11:58 – Without a whole body yes we often enter into agreements where we lack integrity.
  • 12:53 – How do we access this whole body yes? What are the challenges in applying this life hack? 
  • 16:56 – The whole body yes is a stepping stone toward your purpose.

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