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Season 2, Episode 5

The Wisdom of the 5 Core Emotions

About this episode:

You have them and you’re going to keep having them: emotions. You are allowed to feel your feelings all the way to completion. You are allowed to name and listen to your emotions in a productive and meaningful way.

In this episode, master a simpler, more powerful vocabulary of familiar basic emotion words that break you out of drama and help you navigate through your emotional world.

Discover the wisdom of the 5 core emotions and how their wisdom can inspire change and growth. You will then learn about how emotions manifest in your body and how to identify what you’re feeling without overanalyzing or stifling your feelings.

Learn how the fact vs. story framework gives you the skills to consciously communicate your emotions. By the end of the episode, you will know how to shift away from the drama-based story language and into the language of facts in order to break out of draining emotional cycles and step into empowerment.



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Learn how to ride the waves of emotion in this captivating article. Discover practical strategies to embrace and navigate the highs and lows of life. Explore the power of naming your emotions, distinguishing facts from stories, and unlocking the wisdom behind the 5 core emotions. Gain insights into transforming emotional drama into productive action and unleashing your full potential. Dive into the adventure of feeling and growing as you ride the waves of your authentic emotions.

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13:03 What does it mean to be unarguable? The Fact vs. Story Framework

16:57 The 5 Core Emotions

20:50 How Story Emotions Both Come From and Lead To Drama

27:47 The Wisdom of the 5 Core Emotions

31:42 How to Experience Your Emotions Consciously

36:08 Allow Yourself to Feel Your Emotions

39:47 The Part You Play in Your Emotions

44:52 Are you very emotional and sensitive? You can use that emotional intelligence for your growth

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