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Season 1, Episode 63

The Best Communication Ninja Skill – Speaking Unarguably

About this episode:

One of my top recommendations for you as a leader is to learn to speak in a language that is unarguable. You CAN speak about anything you want to in a way that nobody can argue with. This communication ninja skill allows you to move into action and brings you out of drama.

To speak unarguably means to speak in the language of facts, not stories

Learning the difference between facts and stories is a powerful step towards consciousness. By speaking unarguably you are able to communicate in a way that’s free of Drama! Throughout this episode, learn how to distinguish between facts and stories and how to use this framework to clear up your communication. 

Speaking unarguably is a useful tool for conscious leaders to become self-aware. Gain the language tools to shift your communication from subjective to unarguable during this coaching session. Discover how you might be dipping into drama, how to find a path to get out of drama, and a powerful technique to stop spreading drama in your relationships and life. 


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Improving workplace communication involves shifting from story-based language to speaking unarguably in facts. By avoiding drama and defensiveness, productive conversations can be fostered. Observable facts, whether external or internal, provide concrete and objective information that can be validated. Stories, on the other hand, are subjective interpretations of facts. Labeling them as such helps maintain awareness of their subjectivity. By communicating unarguably and questioning our stories, better relationships and effective communication can be achieved in both personal and professional settings.

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As a leader, you use your storytelling abilities to inspire and motivate. But to create lasting change, use the language of facts to speak unarguably.  

In this week’s episode, explore the fundamental invitation of conscious leadership, which is to understand the difference between a fact and a story. This episode will provide you with the framework to begin to notice whether you’re expressing yourself in the language of facts or stories. Understanding the key differences between facts and stories gives you the knowledge necessary to begin to consciously communicate. 

Throughout this episode, learn about externally and internally based facts, then explore what a story is and why certain stories prevent progress and growth. Facts and your stories both matter. When you can clearly define facts and stories and use this framework to communicate with intention, you lead consciously. 

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