#7: How to Shift out of Drama and into Power

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Now that you know how to recognize drama and identify if you or others are below the line (If you haven’t learned about the Drama Triangle please listen to Episode 6 - How to Spot Drama a Mile Away), find empowerment by shifting above the line with these helpful tools that will guide you through the process.

  • The Empowerment Triangle Cards (Free Download) - Download this tool to help shift above the line and to occupy roles in the Empowerment Triangle.
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Today we're going to learn about three distinct forms of power that are available to you above the line when you are being a conscious leader. These positions are the Coach, the Challenger, and the Creator, and up there in that state of flow, anything is possible. We are going to learn about how to shift out of drama and into power. Power is a place where we can resolve issues permanently, where we can learn, where we are free to create the life that we want, where we are responsible for our own actions and where we are deeply powerful, at ease, and in a sense of flow. You are allowed to be powerful in any situation. Join the conversation now.

Final Note: Get the free download of the "The Empowerment Triangle Cards" mentioned in the episode at the top of the page. This will help get you started on the path of living above the line and going from victimhood to a place of power.



Tune in and learn all about…

  • [08:01]The first position on the Empowerment Triangle, the above the line triangle is the creator. I'm going to spend most of my time talking about the creator role. I'm going to go into the most detail about that role here. And the reason for that is the entire Empowerment Triangle is pointing toward the creator role.
  • [17:00] So this creative force comes out in play and from play we take things much less seriously. Play just means the enjoyable act of activity that is non goal directed, non goal directed and enjoyable. Simple.
  • [28:22] So when we in that role of creator, we want to actually welcome those feelings of fear rather than resist them. When we resist fear, fear makes us a victim and that's our choice. Are we going to resist or are we going to allow? Sometimes no easy task because we're not used to running that much fear energy through us and we have to get our bodies used to it.
  • [33:03] The second flavor in the Empowerment Triangle is the Challenger. And what the Challenger does is they apply loving pressure and they sometimes use discomfort to provoke others to take action. They call forth something new. 
  • [42:12] Let's move on to the third and final flavor of the Empowerment Triangle. The Coach. Now by coach, I don't mean someone like myself who is a professional coach and gets paid for that as their job. I mean that part of you who encourages invites people to see themselves as powerful and facilitates people in making progress.
  • [54:11] Overview: Please come and download some tools to help you find the willingness to shift above the line and to occupy these awesome roles in the empowerment triangle. (Get access to the free downloadable worksheet in the Tools and Resources section at the top of the page) 
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