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Season 1, Episode 23

How to Challenge Others to Grow – The Challenger Role in the Empowerment Triangle

About this episode:

Let go of toxic blame and shame, and learn how to challenge yourself and others in a way that promotes growth, sustainable change, and success. Discover a way to lead that encourages those around you to take accountability and step into their creative power. 

This episode is the final part of the 3-part series on the Empowerment Triangle– the role of the Challenger. You’ll learn skills, tools, and mindsets to become a more effective, resourceful manager. Help your team grow by staying Above the Line and challenging yourself and your team in an enlightened way, where you bring out the best in everyone. 

You are allowed to step into a different form of power that serves you, those around you, and the world.



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In a realm where actions carry greater weight than mere words, the Challenger’s role becomes a catalyst for growth and empowerment. By skillfully challenging others, free from blame or judgment, we encourage them to embrace their untapped potential, assume accountability, and forge their desired outcomes. Through conscious challenges, we ignite a transformative journey that leads to self-discovery, personal responsibility, and the creation of meaningful results.

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Want to hear more about empowerment triangle?

Get started on the path of living Above the Line and going from victimhood to a place of power.

 You’ve learned how to recognize drama and identify if you or others are Below the Line. Now find empowerment by shifting Above the Line into the Empowerment Triangle.

 Discover the three distinct forms of power that are available to you Above the Line when you are being a Conscious Leader. The 3 aspects of the Empowerment Triangle are the Coach, the Challenger, and the Creator, and up there in that state of flow, anything is possible. Throughout this episode learn how to shift out of drama and into power. 

 Power is a place where you can resolve issues permanently, where you can learn, where you are free to create the life that you want. Empowerment means you are responsible without blame or judgment, and a visionary Creator dedicated to creating the life you want.

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Executive Coach Dr. Caneel Joyce reveals a life-changing framework that can help you overcome self-doubt, uncover your hidden talents, and radiate with confidence, one small step at a time.