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Season 3, Episode 11

Navigating Change with Ceremony and Ritual

About this episode:

Explore the power of ceremony in navigating personal and collective transitions in this episode of the Allowed podcast.

Dr. Caneel Joyce highlights the emotional and identity aspects of embracing change and the resistance that often comes with it. Drawing from existing research, Caneel discusses the role of rituals in navigating new environments with consciousness. 

Throughout the episode, you will learn about ceremony and ritual’s potential to reduce emotional dysregulation and anxiety, as well as their significance in addressing grief and processing emotions.

Highlighting the importance of community support and being witnessed during change, Caneel explains how ceremony provides a container for conscious transition. 

Are there areas in your life where ceremonies or rituals can aid you in navigating transitions? 


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The importance of ceremonies in acknowledging both endings and new beginnings cannot be overstated. Explore the significance of ceremonies, from personal milestones to corporate transformations, and the profound role of community in change.

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Want to hear more about navigating change?

Leadership during periods of chaos and change requires self-regulation and a focus on connection. Leaders must keep themselves centered and grounded to access their full intelligence and problem-solving abilities.

By creating a space for people to be heard and seen, leaders can foster a sense of connection and support, even in the face of physical distance. The power of being witnessed should not be underestimated—it can be a transformative experience in times of uncertainty.


00:00:35 Ceremony is a powerful way to acknowledge the endings and embrace the new beginnings in our lives

00:02:12 A story of a spontaneous, healing ceremony

00:04:23 Practicing intuition, following messages, cleansing the earth.

00:07:53 Learning, grieving, ceremony: detachment, connection, leadership.

00:08:56 Rituals and ceremonies provide a container in time and space to process grief 

00:12:00 Creating beauty to complete transitions

00:14:20 Using Ceremony for transition, change, and support.

00:15:20 Ceremonies symbolize the transition from one state to another, marking an ending and a new beginning

00:18:03 Ceremonies create importance and honor traditions.

00:26:41 Rituals help control and reduce anxiety

00:30:44 Opportunity for corporate funerals to embrace change.

00:33:10 Ceremonies and rituals give weight and permanence to important moments

00:33:15 Transition must be honored and respected, peacefully.

00:39:19 The value of community support

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