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Season 1, Episode 8

How to Live in Your Zone of Genius

About this episode:

In this episode, you receive practical tips for moving your life into one where you are living primarily in your Zone of Genius: that place where you find effortless flow and you create value by using the natural gifts you love to use. You are allowed to bring a ton of value into your life, your company, your community, and your family in a way that comes easily to you. You are allowed to love what you do. 



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Discover your Zone of Genius and unlock your true potential. Learn how to live in a state of flow, creativity, and fulfillment while achieving effortless success. Explore the concept of the Zone of Genius, understand its different zones, and find practical ways to incorporate it into your life. Say goodbye to burnout and embrace a life that feels both successful and fulfilling. Join our free workshop and access valuable resources to help you unleash your Zone of Genius today.

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How can you succeed without suffering? Answer: By identifying your Zone of Genius. In this episode, we will get into some hands-on exercises, that have been proven time and again with my clients, so you can identify your Zone of Genius. You are allowed to reach your full potential, to be healthy, to be happy, and to add tremendous value to the world by having the impact that only you can have.