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Season 3, Episode 8

Self-Isolation and Mental Health

About this episode:

In this episode of the Allowed podcast, unearth the detrimental effects of self-isolation and the importance of social connection for our overall well-being. From combating loneliness to prioritizing self-care, explore ways to nourish your social needs and establish lifelong friendships.

Join Caneel as she discusses the impact of loneliness on our mental and physical health, and shares insights into how the remedy to the loneliness epidemic starts with compassion.

You won’t want to miss this episode on mental health, self-compassion, and the power of conscious choice in finding healing and happiness.

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Leadership during periods of chaos and change requires self-regulation and a focus on connection. By creating a space for people to be heard and seen, leaders can foster a sense of connection and support, even in the face of physical distance. The power of being witnessed is not to be underestimated—compassion for self and others during transitional periods can be a transformative experience in times of uncertainty.

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Tough times call for loving leadership. With the COVID-19 pandemic shattering the idea of normal, leaders face the unique challenge of guiding teams to success during intense uncertainty.

In this conversation, Dr. Caneel Joyce talks with Janet Logothetti about how to create an environment of loving kindness and how to manage stress during COVID-19.

Hear about the importance regulation plays in leadership and how to create powerful connections within your team even through remote work.


04:12- As conscious leaders, we take responsibility for what we can control.

05:59- Reflect on ways you may be contributing to your own self isolation 

07:26- The health consequences and health risks of loneliness

09:17- Social connection is essential for sustainable long-term success and wellness.

11:45- No one is immune to loneliness, and social connection slowly diminishes over time.

15:38- It is crucial to prioritize creating connections in order to have a fulfilling midlife and old age.

19:02- Vitamin F- friendship- is an essential nutrient. 

24:18- Connecting with others and finding simple truths can help address loneliness and develop self-compassion.

29:01- Commitment to meeting your own needs combats loneliness

31:00- Quadrinity check in exercise

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