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Season 3, Episode 6

Transcend Identity: The Power of the Enneagram with Courtney Smith, Part two

About this episode:

In part two of this episode on identity and the Enneagram, Dr. Caneel Joyce and Courtney Smith discuss the ancient personality typing system, the Enneagram, and its value for the process of self-discovery and letting go of harmful attachments to identity. Unlike traditional personality tools, the Enneagram goes beyond surface traits and delves into the underlying beliefs that shape individuals’ perspectives. 

Throughout this episode Caneel and Courtney explore each of the nine points of the Enneagram, sharing insights into what motivates each type and the identity trappings of the different archetypes, including yours! Caneel and Courtney’s conversation shares a unique perspective on this useful framework for self-reflection and understanding others. 

They discuss the use of the Enneagram as a tool to go beyond simple awareness and into a different experience. Courtney explains the importance of connecting with physical sensations to loosen the grip of identity and self-limiting stories and guides Caneel through a somatic exercise that you can try out at home to help you cultivate awareness of each Enneagram type’s embodied experience to explore new perspectives. 



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By detaching from our identities, we can also liberate ourselves from the pressures and expectations associated with them. The fear of failure or disappointing others becomes less overpowering when you embrace the fluidity of your self. You can learn that making mistakes or deviating from our designated roles does not define your worth or identity. Instead, that deviation becomes an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

One of the best ways to begin the process of detangling yourself from your identity is through the Enneagram, a personality typing system. 

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You can break out of the mindsets that keep you from playing full out. Become the person you want to be by letting go, rediscovering your essence, and Allowing all of you to come out into the world. 

Meet the Guest - Courtney Smith

Image Guest Asset Courtney Smith Headshot

Courtney Smith is an executive coach, teacher and group facilitator, and organizational advisor. She is committed to helping others see themselves and the world more clearly, and she supports the individuals she teaches and works with to live in greater resonance with their values. 

Courtney is an expert practitioner of the Enneagram, and she has privately studied with renowned Enneagram teacher and scholar Russ Hudson for a number of years.  Prior to becoming an executive coach and facilitator, Courtney worked as a management consultant in the healthcare industry, and she has a JD from Yale Law School, a master’s in public health from New York University, and an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University.  

Having lived in New York City for twenty years, Courtney moved to Santa Barbara, California, with her husband and three children in early 2020.

Courtney’s Website


[00:03:06] The Enneagram symbol’s origins 

[00:08:21] Enneagram: symbol for personal/spiritual growth. Different from personality tests.

[00:11:54] Enneagram helps understand reasons for behavior.

[00:18:11] Description of Enneagram type one

[00:20: 56] Description of Enneagram type two

[00:23:24] Description of Enneagram type three

[00:28:03] Description of Enneagram type four

[00:34:18] Description of Enneagram type five

[00:39:53] An introduction to the concept of centers of intelligence Enneagram triads

[00:40:48] Sensing and perceiving via body systems.

[00:45:11] Description of Enneagram type six

[00:52:39] Description of Enneagram type seven

[00:58:04] Description of Enneagram type eight

[01:02:00] Description of Enneagram type nine

[01:11:00] Enneagram, essence, and identity

[01:15:07] Breath awareness exercise.

[01:21:50] Silence leads to self-discovery and experimentation.

[01:26:22] Enneagram + practical tools = self growth