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Season 1, Episode 5

How We Grow in Groups with Mary and Anna Bloom

About this episode:

In this episode, Dr. Caneel Joyce is joined by Mary and Anna Bloom, two sisters and incredible leaders at Snap and Airbnb Plus.

Explore the importance of group work in their development as leaders and how their lives as sisters shaped them into the leaders they are today.

This actionable conversation offers sage advice on how to find, create and facilitate groups and communities.


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All of us have fundamental needs; the need for food, water, and air. But we also have some specific social needs. We need to belong. We need to work in teams to survive and we need to feel recognized, respected, and understood. We need to relate to each other authentically. But how?

Meet the Guest

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Mary and Anna Boom are two sisters, and two amazing leaders in their own right.

Anna Bloom is the head of content strategy for Airbnb Plus, which is a selection of homes verified for quality and design on Airbnb.

“After getting a fellowship with Code for America, which was all about working with city IT departments to create new and innovative apps for citizens, and then wound up after Code for America, after working with the city government IT departments of Philadelphia and Seattle, wound up working at a digital agency, and that is when I first called myself a content strategist.” – Anna Bloom

Content Strategists are responsible for the words and the messaging for a company. It’s essentially overseeing end-to-end, all of the content, all of the words, all of the messaging within a website or an app. They shape the narrative within any given digital flow, focusing on what things are called, button text and consistency. 

“Plus the one-liner. The value proposition. So when I describe Airbnb Plus, and I say, “A selection of homes verified for quality and comfort”, we sweated so much of how to reduce what we were trying to offer into a single sentence, and that is… in effect the less room you have… I think of it a lot like poetry. Actually my job is a lot about trying to reduce, reduce, reduce, to get to the essence in any given moment of what you need to know.”  – Anna Bloom

Mary Bloom is a product manager at Snap Inc. who runs their commerce and travel solutions.

“I sort of got into my career a little bit by following my older sister to California initially. I moved there after graduating, to the Bay Area, and got an internship through a friend from Study Abroad, at a tech company that was building apps on top of Facebook. It was a really fun and scrappy start up trying all sorts of different things. I think we tried to do a Groupon clone at one point. I just ended up having so much fun that I ended up staying in the Bay Area, joining another company called Tapjoy that was really starting thinking about mobile advertising in a very serious way. And that lead me to getting an opportunity with Scopely who was a client of ours.” – Mary Bloom

Mary spent a couple of years with Scopely as director of developer partnerships at an interesting time where entertainment and technology were coming together in a really serious way. Mary then joined Snap Inc. to begin mapping out their whole revenue strategy, making sure they were able to scale quickly, build the right solutions and bring on the right partners.

“I joined Snap Inc. right before they IPO’d, so they were looking for a revenue strategy, and actually the way they approached that was at first through partnerships, so my background in advertising and partnerships at Scopely, really lended itself well to the early days of monetizing at Snapchat. So what we did was we built out an API that third parties could build on top of, and then we could build different buying solutions on top of that which advertisers could plug through, and that was really the impetus for the programmatic buying, self-serve buying and sort of scaling of their revenue. At the beginning, everyone was saying, “Is this really going to take off? Are they really going to make money?” And now in the past earning statements, we’re really scaling that revenue up on track to do a two billion dollar run-rate.” – Mary Bloom

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