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Season 1, Episode 1

The Secrets that Transform Your Life

About this episode:

This episode focuses on how you can become a better leader of your own life.  These are secrets to transforming your life.

First, I share secret methods and mindsets to allow your growth and change to be easier, faster, and more sustainable.

Next, I guide you to look at the secret parts of you that you may still be hiding. Secret talents, strengths, and qualities that describe you and only you. These are gifts that you bring to the world. And these secrets, when unearthed, are what allow you to be more whole.

This episode includes free worksheets to help get you started on the path of transforming which will lead to the most sustainable change and lasting impact.



Read more about the change formula

The secret to success is easier than you think. Leaders work hard to grow and succeed by trying hard only to feel burnt out and unfulfilled. The process isn’t sustainable. Find your willingness using the change formula and create lasting change.

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Want to hear more about the change formula?

Let’s take a deep look into the Change Formula. The Change Formula is a groundbreaking method guiding you to create sustainable, lasting change. You have free will, and taking 100% responsibility for how you show up is key to this process. Resistance to change is real, but with the foundational knowledge of the Change Formula, it is possible to overcome obstacles holding you back. Listen and learn how to push past your resistance and create the differences in your life you’ve been dreaming of. Throughout this episode, explore the 3 key elements of the Change Formula and why they are essential empowerment tools for change. You are allowed to achieve the change you’ve been wanting. It’s time to step into being the creator of your own life.


4:39 – Get to know me, why I started Allowed and my mission.

10:57  – Find out what this podcast is going to offer you. This podcast is going to help you reclaim your wholeness and guide you in stepping into your Zone of Genius. It’s going to help you enjoy what it’s like to be fully alive, living in your soul’s true essence and bringing all of yourself into each and every moment.

16:22 – One of the biggest secrets of the mega-successful is they know how to grow in a way that is much more powerful, easier, and leads to sustainable change. 

22:03 – Secret number two is the Change Formula. The Change Formula is “vision x discomfort + support = willing to change”.

30:38 – Time for a hands-on exercise. It’s not just about the doing, it’s about the being; this “Be Do Have” process is the key to sustainable change. This exercise is designed that you can do it anywhere. Please do it in a way that you’re giving yourself a little bit of space to dream. 

46:05 – Overview: We’re here to invite both vision and discomfort and to have the support of this time on your calendar as well as have a community of your peers. We’re going to work the Change Formula hard. We’re going to boost up the vision. We’re going to amp up the discomfort. And we’re going to support each other through it so that we can become willing to change at the “Be-Level”.

Discover experiences that give your life purpose in your Zone of Genius

Executive Coach Dr. Caneel Joyce reveals a life-changing framework that can help you overcome self-doubt, uncover your hidden talents, and radiate with confidence, one small step at a time.