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Season 1, Episode 21

How and Why to Embrace Chaos with Christine Owenell

About this episode:

Unlock the powerful alchemy of chaos in this special episode of Allowed.

Christine Owenell, an executive coach and partner in Evolution joins Dr. Caneel Joyce to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic presented the world with an opportunity to learn about leadership through an extreme and accelerated learning situation.

Chaos offers an opportunity to create something better and that incredible process is leadership alchemy.


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In the face of challenges, both on an individual and global level, leaders have the opportunity to alchemize chaos into something better. This alchemical process begins with internal work. 

Alchemizing chaos means finding the gift within the chaos without denying its reality. Instead of viewing challenges as purely negative and destructive, we can shift our perspective and see the opportunities they present. Even during times like the pandemic era, we can use challenging circumstances for good, as long as we’re not in denial of reality.

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Want to hear another leaders story of conscious leadership?

The startup game is a roller coaster, and for many, it is one of the most difficult, frightening, stressful roller coasters in the world – it’s boot camp for the soul. As a founder, an executive, or a leader in a fast-growing company, you can feel alone in your struggles. We often hide them in an effort to appear like everything is going great. If you’re feeling alone in your role in the world as a leader, you can find healing in connecting with the stories of others.

Hear about the journey of startup entrepreneurship and how to navigate the rollercoaster of the startup game in this special guest episode of Allowed. Throughout this episode, featuring the remarkable Terry Lee, of Mezcal Rosaluna and MeUndies, gain insight and information about the leader’s journey and lessons that every conscious leader can learn from. He’s a former CEO, he’s a former COO, and he is human, just like you. Many of the lessons Terry learned along the way would not have come without a certain degree of heartbreak, pain, and struggle. The journey is ALWAYS here to teach us what our soul most wants to learn. Buckle up and come along for the ride as we dive into the wild rollercoaster of the startup game.

Meet the Guest

Christine Owenell Headshot

Christine Owenell is an executive coach, teamwork facilitator, purpose economist, cosmic mystic, and mother.

Christine’s work supports positive behavioral change through experiential strategy and elevating self-awareness. She helps companies scale with soul by guiding visionary executives to lead through integrative alignment. Christine has coached leaders at Slack, Vanderbilt, Ticketmaster, Radiology Partners, Pure Storage, Northwestern Mutual, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Cloud9, Grameen Bank, and others. She also specializes in wealth consciousness, and coaches high net worth individuals. Christine is the founder of the Owenell Global Consultancy. 

Christine’s career has spanned work from academia as a Clinton Scholar, to a research practicum in hostage negotiation and counterintelligence, to living on four continents, to being SVP of a billion-dollar investment firm. Throughout it all, she has nurtured a fascination with the psychology of the human condition, and how elements of our mindset can be activated for personal growth, magnetism, and impact. She explores the liminal space between the imagined and the experienced, and what is required of people to bring their fullest selves and greatest aspirations to fruition. She believes that one day we will enjoy an economy where leaders everywhere are functioning through lenses of presence, centeredness, compassion, and awareness. As a result, how modern society experiences business and money will catalyze the elevation of human consciousness.

Connect with Christine: Twitter, LinkedIn, IG


0:32 – How we can step up as leaders all the time and especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

3:32 – Meet Christine Owenell.

5:18 – Exercise: 2-minute check-in

9:44 – The Alchemy of Chaos is creation and transformation during a chaotic time by using the pressure that is surrounding a situation to your advantage like taking coal and turning it into diamonds.  

12:08 – Finding the shadow part of yourself is important because it’s the part we reject or disown and embracing those dark parts of yourself help you see the strengths in what you might have previously thought were weaknesses. 

14:04 – How do we hold both reality and opportunity without being insensitive or out of touch? How do we create space for both concepts to live in one reality where we can access wisdom and develop plans that are of service to both ends of this spectrum?

16:48 – The alchemy of chaos relates to the change formula because one of the key components of sustainable change is having enough discomfort in your situation that pushes you forward to make those changes in order to get out of the discomfort.

18:03 – The role of the conscious leader is three-fold. 1 is to face reality and be with reality. 2 is to hold multiple realities because there are so many true experiences of the same phenomenon happening all at once. 3 is to create reality.

19:54 – How can you alchemize chaos in yourself and your home?

23:22 – Exercise: The importance of naming in self-evaluation without judgment

30:02 – How to alchemize chaos right now as a leader in an organization.

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