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Season 3, Episode 1

Essence, identity, and being yourself before you die

About this episode:

This episode of Allowed gets personal as Caneel recounts the moment she realized she was still repressing some of the most unique, authentic parts of herself. You will learn the difference between your identity and your essence and then discover how 360-degree reviews can help you professionally AND personally by revealing the innate gifts you already possess. 

Is there a part of you that never sees the light of day? Do you believe that you can’t be your true self?  Are you hiding your precious gifts from the world? 

You can break out of the mindsets that keep you from playing full out. Become the person you want to be by letting go, rediscovering your essence, and Allowing all of you to come out into the world.



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Discover the transformative power of embracing your true self in this thought-provoking article. Explore the burden of societal inhibition, learn from personal revelations, and uncover the path to rediscovering your authentic essence. Break free from stories of judgment and shame, and embrace a life where you can shine without reservation. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and find the courage to live in your fullest, most vibrant self.

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Want to hear more about your essence?

Self-love is inner work. It’s an inner experience of acceptance and appreciation. At the most basic level, self-love is simply asking the questions, “Can I allow myself?” and, “Can I allow myself to be fully here now?” The essence of self-love is 100% allowance of all that is here now.


00:00 Intro

01:49 The difference between identity and essence 

07:15 The significance of uninhibited dancing

11:02 Why a 360-degree review helps branding

13:34 My shocking 360-degree review report results 

17:07 The importance of spontaneous creation

18:26 Why we repress our essence