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Season 1, Episode 34

Leadership is Perception – 360 Reviews and other Feedback Tools to Boost Awareness and Accelerate Growth

About this episode:

Leadership is perception. 

There is intrinsic value in finding out how you are perceived and received by people that view you from different perspectives – whether above you, beside you, or below you.

In this episode, learn about 360-degree reviews and other forms of leadership feedback. You will be introduced to a curiosity mindset as you explore the importance of listening to improve your leadership. Find out why feedback is an extremely important process for leaders to go through. 

Discover how to transform feedback into positive changes and personal growth. After this episode, you will have a deeper appreciation and understanding of feedback and its powerful role in growth and leadership, as well as its often underleveraged ability to accelerate a leader’s performance. 



Read more about 360 Degree Reviews

360-degree feedback tools have the power to boost self-awareness and drive personal growth. Just like checking blind spots while driving, examining different perspectives in leadership is crucial to avoid accidents. Leaders often have blind spots, unaware of how they are perceived by others. This lack of awareness can hinder growth and limit opportunities for behavioral and mindset shifts. The 360-degree review is a valuable tool for receiving feedback from multiple angles, including superiors, peers, subordinates, and external stakeholders. Unlike performance reviews, 360-degree reviews focus on personal and professional development, uncovering blind spots and identifying strengths. Through a well-crafted process, leaders can learn, grow, and create coaching plans based on the feedback received. It’s up to leaders to absorb the feedback, choose what to focus on, and take action to accelerate their growth.

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Want to hear more about management tools?

ARCI is a tool that I teach to my executive teams when I’m doing executive team development and offsite training. It’s a framework. It’s a way of understanding the ‘who’ behind ‘who will do what by when’, which is the keystone of high integrity clear agreements.

ARCI stands for Accountable, Responsible, Consulted, and Informed. 

ARCI is a framework for understanding the structure of an agreement and how we’re going to cooperate and coordinate action together in a social unit, as a team. Integrity breaches are one of the most destructive forces in organizations, teams and families. When we don’t do what we say we’ll do, or when we create agreements that are vague, impossible to understand, ill-defined, or low integrity, this leads to a lot of drama. 

Unchecked integrity breaches create unhealthy forms of conflict and strife, and take up a lot of time and energy. ARCI is a framework for understanding, developing and tracking the structure of an agreement and how everyone involved is going to cooperate and coordinate action together. 

You can apply it to how a team generally operates. You can apply it to a process. You can apply it to a project. You can apply it to achieve a specific goal, and you can apply it to all different layers. With ARCI in your tool arsenal, you can start having breakthroughs in muddled situations in your work and home right away.


  • 4:25 – Independence vs interdependence. Why listening is the most important thing leaders can do right now. 
  • 9:12 – Why feedback is an important process for leaders to go through
  • 14:56 – A 360-degree review is one of the most popular ways to get feedback. So what is a 360 review? 
  • 33:09 – Variations of feedback and warnings from Caneel – plus more feedback tools and methods. 
  • 40:48 – The difference between 360 feedback reviews and performance management and some problems that come up with 360s.

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