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Season 1, Episode 70

How Conscious Leaders View Challenges

About this episode:

In this episode, we explore the transformative power of gratitude when faced with difficult challenges. We often overlook the importance of being grateful for the things that test us the most. Discover how embracing gratitude within these struggles empowers us to reclaim control and embark on personal growth journeys. Unravel the secrets of flipping unwelcome challenges to uncover their hidden benefits, and learn how to find the silver lining in life’s most daunting circumstances.


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Want to hear more about gratitude?

As creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, we create tools and products because we, ourselves, need to work on something. For Canadian entrepreneur superstar, Alex Ikonn, co-founder of Intelligent Change and creator of the best-selling Five Minute Journal and Productivity Planner, gratitude was his Achilles heel. When Alex, who had a challenging childhood and at times had felt like a victim of his circumstances, learned the power of gratitude, it shifted his whole life. 

If you have scarcity in your life of some sort, whether it be from things that are happening in your family, in your career, or in relationships, you can get into that trap of saying, “Why me?” 

No one can make you unhappy. Once you take responsibility in your life, there is power.


11:07 Entitlement Versus Gratitude

17:56 Being Thankful for Challenges

22:52 How Conscious Leaders Look at Challenges

28:03 Exercises to Engage Your Gratitude

33:25 Struggling with Gratitude 

45:51 Finding the Silver Lining During Tough Times 

50:23 The Complexity of Family 

58:58 Conscious Community and Creating a Culture of Gratitude 

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