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Season 1, Episode 3

Gratitude vs Entitlement: Finding Gratitude in Challenges

About this episode:

Learn how practicing gratitude can have a positive impact on your life through its many proven benefits.

In this episode, Heather Nienaber, the right-hand woman at Kickass Enterprises, joins Dr. Caneel Joyce for a discussion on entitlement versus gratitude. Listen to personal stories of challenges they have experienced and how they were able to find appreciation and gratitude for struggles.

Explore how to appreciate all situations you are faced with to open up a life of joy and appreciation.

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Discover the transformative power of gratitude during challenging times. Learn how practicing gratitude can increase happiness, reduce stress, counteract depression, and attract abundance.

Explore strategies to shift your mindset, find appreciation in difficult situations, and embrace personal growth. Cultivate gratitude and unlock a more fulfilling and joyful life.

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Want to hear more about gratitude?

No one can make you unhappy. Once you take responsibility in your life, there is power. Learn the power of gratitude and it will shift your life.


06:59 – Benefits of practicing gratitude

19:44 – Heather shares personal experiences

28:06 – Caneel shares her biggest challenge and how she found gratitude

37:39 – Entitlement is human nature

45:22 – Being below the line when in entitlement

59:03 – Worksheet to find gratitude in challenges

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