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I’m on a mission to reverse climate change

We are a movement. We bring mission-driven leaders together, stepping into their power to transform their own lives, their companies, and the world around them.

My mission is to reverse climate change. It is possible and research shows there is not one solution. If we pursue only one solution, we will never solve this problem. We can only reverse climate change when we have hundreds of solutions from all different types of leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers in the world. Everyone has a part to play. We created the problem and we can also create the solution.

What is their mission?

Put simply… 1% for the Planet brings dollars and doers together to increase smart environmental giving. The company guides and supports this giving and provides credible third-party certification. Anyone can donate to them to support their operations and the growth of their movement. We encourage consumers to look for their logo when purchasing products or services.

How does the 1% for the Planet model work?

1% for the Planet member businesses give at least 1% of their annual sales while Individual Members give at least 1% of their annual salary. In each case, members give directly to approved environmental nonprofits. Business members can support approved environmental nonprofits by donating the equivalent of 1% of sales through a combination of monetary, in-kind and approved promotional expenses. Individual members can donate 1% of their annual salary through monetary and/or volunteer support.

1% Percent for the Planet

is about being better as a business owner, as a person, and as a leader through everyday actions, events, and commitments.

The Solutions

1% for the Planet is dedicated to tackling the most pressing environmental issues of our time. We rely on our approved nonprofit partners’ expertise to implement proven solutions. Our members forge powerful partnerships and support our nonprofit partners, so that they are able to drive true on-the-ground change within our six core issue areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife.

What 1% for the Planet issue area are you?

We are committed to building support for this essential work in six core issue areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife.

choose wisely

Consider supporting one of these issue areas directly:

We’ve developed vetted “Issue Funds” to make it easy for you to give to multiple nonprofits through simple donations.

Join the movement. Be 1% better.

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