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Executive Team Development

Get inspired with new ways to improve collaboration and leadership within a company.

Why executive development is crucial to your teams success

Leadership challenges can shake you to the core of who you are. Becoming the leader you are meant to be means more than just having a better business strategy. It means making a profound change in your life and how you life it – your way of being. 

True leaders are willing to go into the places that scare them because that’s where the most potential and power lives.  You need the change to happen fast because the stakes are high.

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“First and foremost, great entrepreneurs are great human beings.” – Caneel 

Benefits of Executive Team Development:

Improved Decision Making

Improved clarity in making decisions.  You will feel empowered to make big decisions.  You will learn to trust your gut and make clear agreements.

Free up your time and do what you love

Learn how to delegate, how to use your time to focus on your zone of genius, and be able to go on vacation without things falling apart. 

Clear Team Communication

Communicating clearly and effectively is key for an executive team.  Learn easy communication strategies and how to ask for and receive feedback. 

Hit Big Milestones

Create a strong high-functioning executive team capable of big fundraising, hitting big goals, bringing on top leadership talent and creating a culture everyone wants to work in.

Strong Executive Team Relationships

Using the Enneagram and Conscious Leadership we help teams to understand each other and improve interpersonal relationships.  

Change Your Way of Being

Learning conscious leadership, your enneagram, and your zone of genius helps your executive team to change their mindset.  This brings about ease, peace, less anxiety, more connection, more enjoyment and overall well-being. 

Our executive team offsite with Caneel was the most productive day we’ve ever had together as a team. It will have such an amazing impact on how we go forward as leaders individually and together.

Ariel Kaye, Founder & CEO, Parachute Home

Services Offered by Caneel & Kickass Enterprises


Through coaching with Caneel and her team, you can focus on the part of your job you love, get the rest off your plate, and hit key milestones. Through deeply understanding who you are as a leader and human, uncovering patterns and blind spots, and applying strategies and tools tailored to you, we make sure you are operating in the easiest way possible with the biggest outcomes imaginable.

Caneel and her team work with a select few highly accomplished men and women each year who have a relentless drive for excellence. These leaders have achieved broad success in their lives and businesses, and their companies are now calling them to have more significant impact and find a new form of authentic leadership that can scale.

The #1 reason that startups fail is poor co-founder relationships.  Even if you and your co-founder are getting along well, smart leaders put communication strategies in place to help with the strain of growth, and to ensure that what needs to be said can be. The strongest partnerships aren’t the ones without conflict. What matters is knowing how to have conflict in a way that leads to greater creativity, innovation, and trust.  Cofounder coaching is intensely practical, sometimes deeply emotional, and always good hygiene for startup founders who are committed to leading to successful IPO or exit, especially as roles change over time.

Caneel and her team help to explore topics such as: 

  • Purpose identification
  • Self-awareness and strength finding
  • Shadow work
  • Triggers and Reactive behaviors
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Strategic planning and vision setting
  • Resilience & stress management
  • Mindfulness and staying present
  • Self-care and wellness
  • Communications, personal story, and brand development

    Executive  & Leadership Teams

    Some conversations are better had in-person — and some meetings are better held offsite. When it’s time to get real, get aligned, make decisions, or become a better operating team, Caneel and her team will design a bespoke offsite for your team. 

    It cuts to the core of what you need by ensuring that everybody’s time is exceptionally well used. Through masterful facilitation, she creates a ‘container’ so effective that past grievances and withholds can be cleared in a way that builds rapport rather than resentment.

    360-degree reviews look at you from all angles of perception. Our team conducts interviews with your board members, supervisors, peers, direct reports, spouse/partner, and close friends.  An anonymous thematic report is presented to you and used to create your coaching plan. 

    Effective leaders are made, not born. It takes more than just innate skill in order to work and grow together. Your leadership team will get the skills and insights needed for the next stage of success. 

    Caneel and her team offer workshops on core startup leadership skills including:

    • Increasing leadership power
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Engendering accountability
    • Gender & diversity
    • Culture building. 

    Leaders will grow to have a better understanding of themselves and their peers, and a capacity to run the greater bandwidth necessary to handle the challenges and opportunities to come. We offer custom workshops upon request, inspiration, or as needs emerge within your organization.

    Organizational Development

    Culture is the operating system for your organization, directing what people care about and what they do. It includes your company’s deepest values, beliefs, mindsets, and behavioral norms. Healthy cultures align your people with your strategy, setting you up for executional excellence. Healthy cultures are also self-aware, so the things unique to them can be maintained through periods of rapid growth, acquisition, and change. Caneel and her team will help your organization to define the company culture and maintain it through periods of rapid growth, acquisition, and change. 

    From onboarding to one-on-ones, org design to management development, OKRs to performance reviews, people are the hands and legs of your company, enabling it to do all the things it does. 

    Caneel and her team of consultants and advisors can help you figure out what “just enough process” looks like for your team and design a few high-leverage processes, tools, and systems. These can include some off-the-shelf solutions, more scrappy processes for lean and homegrown companies, or robust and sophisticated solutions for bigger and more process-oriented players.

    Regardless of where you company is, we’ll help to create the self-sustaining people program that can help you where are you today, and help you to transition smoothly to the next level of your growth.   

    Caneel and her team can design custom services to fit your organizational needs whether it be executive team advisory, management training, organizational 360s, etc.  Schedule a time to meet with Caneel to design your organization’s development.

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