The world knows you are a leader – you know you are an artist.

Your business is your masterpiece.

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I’m Caneel.

I’m an entrepreneur, CEO Coach, mom, wife, podcaster, business Ph.D., and Silicon Valley startup veteran dedicated to helping you lead and succeed by being your most authentic, whole and masterful self. Let’s create a life you love.

Master yourself,

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You’re exactly where you need to be.

My work – and this site – is dedicated to you learning to lead with your whole self

while creating a life of ease, fulfillment, and impact.

You don’t have to suffer to succeed

CEO Coaching with Caneel

Are you a CEO, founder or leader of a hyper-growth organization? There IS another level for you – a whole new way to play, and a much bigger game to be unlocked for you. You deserve an experienced partner who gets you. Who cares about you as a whole person. And who is as passionate about your impact as you are. A whole-person executive coach who’s not afraid to tell it to you straight. A trusted advisor to guide you through radically new ways to do “self improvement” that permanently move the needle.

Find out about whole-person executive coaching with Caneel & Co….

Discover your

Zone of Genius

Discover who you are and succeed in any situation (as your actual self).

In this energizing (and free) training you’ll find your zone of genius and learn to lead with your full potential.

Listen & Learn

You are allowed

to be exactly who you are|to live the life you want|to be too much|to do what you want|to shift your life|to have imposter syndrome|to change careers|to be happy|to have balance|to have a bad day|to do it wrong|to lose control|to love others|to live in the moment|to ask for help|to be different|to be the artist you are|to want things to be different|to have fun learning|to have no idea what to do next|to make it up as you go along|to admit you’re lonely|to write, sing, dance, paint, design|to feel all your feelings|to mess things up|to live in your genius|to say no|to contradict yourself|to accept yourself|to let go of what no longer works for you|to shake things up|to be more calm|to go skiing, surfing, hiking, exploring|to be intense|to crave more from life|to get burnt out|to bounce back|to focus on your family|to be sexy and awesome|to create anything you want|to stop being so serious|to want appreciation|to have fun and play|to take weekends off|to listen to your body|to try again

A podcast for anyone who sees themselves as a leader. Allowed is devoted to you – ALL of you. Find your zone of genius, shift your mindset, tackle your limiting beliefs, learn about psychology and influence, become a more effective leader, and create the life you actually want. A juicy exploration of the ground-breaking toolkit of conscious leadership, this podcasted coaching experience will….

  • Show you things about life you’ll never be able to un-see
  • Reveal patterns in your behavior and thoughts that will blow your mind
  • Change you in ways you didn’t know possible with very little effort
  • Improve your leadership skills in ways you always admire but thought were out of reach for you
  • Inspire, motivate and energize you to create the life you want
  • Give you the energy to grow in the areas that matter most to you
  • Be the best investment you make for yourself
  • Be your weekly game changer
  • Teach you how to experience your life as one who is fully alive
  • Turn you into the force of nature only you can be

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Be part of something bigger.

When you invest in your growth with me…

you support the planet!

We’re proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet network fighting for a better future.

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