Dr. Caneel Joyce brings the intellectual firepower and emotional mastery needed to transform leadership in companies poised for rapid growth. Her elite executive coaching, leadership team offsites, and trainings are designed to transform leaders and cultures. Create a foundation of focus and alignment so that your company can scale, without losing its soul.

"We were struggling with cultural problems associated with growing quickly. Caneel helped us to streamline and strengthen our organization but more importantly helped us change very quickly to a culture that valued and accepted accountability and cultivated world class leaders."

— Steve Raymond, CEO, 8i


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Tools, talks, and tactics for stronger leadership and smarter growth.


Coaching for Founders, CEOs
& Executives

Executive coaching isn’t just about your business, it’s about you. When you’ve reached a high level of success and realized that no strategy or business idea can take you any further, you’re poised for real growth.  

The next step is the one that can move you from the leader you are today to the one you need to be tomorrow, but it involves facing the single biggest obstacle in your life: you.


Founders and C-Level Executives need to be aligned with their business strategy, but they also need to be aligned in their relationships with each other.

Understanding the unspoken (and unseen) dynamics that drive leadership can create an executive team that is high functioning, more authentic and accountable, more efficient, and capable of both greater autonomy and smarter collaboration.

Culture Development
& First Aid

A company’s culture, no matter if it’s static or growing rapidly, forms organically. It will have strengths and supports, values and norms, and shadows and blind spots.

Making a company’s culture visible to itself is a first step to creating an environment that both inspires innovation and excels in execution, and creates the kind of culture that drives you forward.

There is actually a wisdom to our boredom, our impatience, our frustration. These feelings create change and innovation - these feelings mean that you are an entrepreneur. It’s what you do with them now that matters.

— Dr. Caneel Joyce



Dr. Caneel Joyce speaks on the dynamic relationship between leadership and growth, cultivating female leadership, scaling with integrity, and the unique drivers and challenges of startups.

She has given talks at London School of Economics, University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, the Future Human Conference, the Academy of Management, and numerous companies and conferences.

You are on the verge of a radical shift in the way you lead...


Ignite your authentic power and leadership to uplevel your company, without adding work or more to-do’s.

Return to a life where you spend more time leading and creating instead of managing and reacting.

Inspire your team through authentic leadership, so they can talk less and do more.

Scale up without losing the spirit of innovation and play and the very culture that made your company unique.

Bring the full power of your vision to the world.

Execution problems are fundamentally culture problems.

— Dr. Caneel Joyce