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Willingness Questions


Are you willing to shift above the line? Determine your willingness by asking yourself these specific questions, each one corresponding with one of the 15 commitments of conscious leadership.

Self-as-Instrument Workbook


Explore the depth of self-as-instrument so you can begin to effectively and positively help others with this thought-provoking workbook.

Empowerment Triangle Cards


The Empowerment Triangle cards will guide you in identifying the three roles on the Empowerment Triangle- Creator, Coach, and Challenger. Explore the differences between the Empowerment Triangle flavors and their Drama Triangle counterparts and discover how to master each role of Empowerment.

One-On-One Checklist


Easily keep track of your meetings and jot down highlights for each discussion point with this one-on-one meeting checklist. Use this checklist as a front-page supplemental tool for your more extensive 1:1 session notes so you can make the most out of your one-on-one meetings.

Pressure Audit


Discover the different effects that pressure has on each of us, and how you can measure , boost your awareness of, and take back control of the places, events and people that add pressure to your life.

Four Layers of Awareness


Learn about the innate level of awareness each of us has within us and how to tap into that awareness to interact with yourself, others and the environment around you in more effective and fulfilling ways.

One-On-Ones: The Complete Cheat Sheet


Learn how to harness the full power of one-on-one meetings and transform them into high-leverage unmissable recurring meetings with this complete guide. Spanning topics from how to prepare for a successful 1:1 meeting to what to avoid, this guide will help you cultivate strong manager-employee relationships and establish a healthy company culture.

Drama Triangle Cards


The Drama Triangle cards will guide you in identifying the ways the three most common forms of drama- Victim, Villain, and Hero- might be showing up in your life and moving you away from presence and empowerment.

Discover experiences that give your life purpose in your Zone of Genius

Executive Coach Dr. Caneel Joyce reveals a life-changing framework that can help you overcome self-doubt, uncover your hidden talents, and radiate with confidence, one small step at a time.