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Transcript – Season 3, Episode 8- Self-Isolation and Mental Health

Dr. Caneel Joyce [00:00:03]: All humans suffer. Suffering isn’t bad. It doesn’t make us bad. Suffering is human. And when we suffer, it means we have a need that’s not being met. Allowed you are allowed to be whole. I’m Dr. Kanill Joy. Dr. Caneel Joyce [00:00:25]: I’m here to affirm that you are not […]

Transcript – Season 3, Episode 9- Empowerment Triangle Minisode

Dr. Caneel Joyce [00:00:00]: You are allowed to be powerful in any situation. I want to tell you today about three different flavors of empowerment that are available to you above the line. When you are being a conscious leader. These positions are the coach, the challenger, and the creator. And up there in that […]

Transcript – Season 3, Episode 4- Burnout & Enneagram with Erin Rocchio – Part 2

Dr. Caneel Joyce [00:00:01]: Allowed. This is one of the things I love about Enneagram, is compassion for self, compassion for other, recognizing that we’re all like in this striving struggle journey. Allowed. You are allowed to be whole. I’m Dr. Kanil joyce. I’m here to affirm that you are not missing anything. Just imagine […]

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