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Risk & Resilience – A Moment of Reflection


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I'm a social scientist who helps people break out of the invisible traps and make whole-life changes easily and naturally.

In February, I was a speaker at The Nook’s “Risk & Resilience” event in Sun Valley, Idaho and I wanted to share my personal experience with you:

The power of connection began almost the minute I got on the plane headed to gorgeous Sun Valley. It was full of entrepreneurs, founders and seasoned career-executives eager to join forces to nurture and develop top female talent and client relationships; eager to become better leaders, partners, and humans. Before I even got to my seat, people were already sharing book suggestions and contacts. The positive energy overflowed. It was like being on a plane; destination: “The Future”.

A better future. A meaningful future. A future with purpose.

A future where women were not only surviving in the corporate world; but where they were also thriving in it. Empowered. Taking ownership of their companies and driving them forward, harnessing previously untapped potential. Potential for growth. Potential for purpose. Potential for change. Real, change. But not just change. Transformation. Transformation of our own lives, the lives of our peers, and of the world. A future that already existed. A future that was waiting for all of us in Sun Valley.

That energy of purpose didn’t stop when we all got off the plane. It grew exponentially. Surrounded by like-minded women supporting each other, the current flowed through each and every one of us. Connecting us to a new chapter. Guiding us down a new path of discovery. It helped me write a new definition of myself, one that fit this new journey we were all embarking on. A new way of running our businesses and our lives. Lives that were balanced, healthy and whole. Feeding both our professional and personal development.

I facilitated the first morning workshop to kick us off and the connections created were rich, powerful, and established a deep sense of trust, that carried us up the mountain and set the tone for the rest of the summit. The agenda was clear; for people to show up as their whole selves.

So much happened on that day, and yet it felt well-paced. We were energized and motivated, we wanted to soak it all in. But there was time to breathe and reflect. Time to vibrate and resonate with everything we were learning and sharing. It wasn’t a typical corporate summit; the type where you are packed into a large hall in the middle of a bustling city and ushered from panel to panel.

We were in the most beautiful, peaceful setting; a place where you could actually hear your own thoughts. And I was thankful for that, because my creative mind was overflowing with all the new possibilities put in front of me. The combination of opulent views and even more magnificent women was nothing short of a magical experience. The abundance of inspiration and networking that weekend was unparalleled. Deep connections were made and maintained. And before it was even over I was already begging to be a part of the next event.

This is why I am so excited to invite you to be a part of “The Purpose and Power for Women Summit” coming up in July. Join me and like-minded powerful women determined to move forward and find new ways to network and grow, all while being surrounded by the beautiful and healthy atmosphere of Sun Valley.

Let’s write our next chapter together. Not defining ourselves by our careers or our family-life. Not segmenting who we are into smaller boxes to make them more manageable to the outside world. Let’s support and encourage each other to be whole. To be every part of ourselves all at once.

It’s an event like no other, and I encourage you to sign up today, because space is filling fast! The ability to combine every aspect of who we are, and to share it with others, is a powerful tool. It gives you strength. It gives you focus. It gives you purpose.


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Dr. Caneel Joyce is a CEO Coach and social scientist who helps people break out of the invisible traps and make whole-life changes easily and naturally.

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