Tools for Authentic Relating with Simon D’Arcy

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We all as humans have fundamental needs, but we also have specific social needs.  We need to belong. We need to work in teams to survive and we need to feel recognized, respected, and understood.  We’re really losing this art of relating to each other authentically.  In my podcast episode, Tools for Authentic Relating, I’m joined […]

How We Grow in Groups

Group settings provide opportunities for challenge, coaching and feedback in a trust-centered loving environment.

No One Needs a Coach

Do you need a coach? Or does your cofounder? Your husband? Your direct report? That guy from your YC class? How do you know who needs one? What would happen if you didn’t get one? I’ve got an opinion on this. No, you do not need a coach. Maybe you’ve been part of a conversation […]

Transforming from a Good Manager to a Great Leader

Want to learn about how you can transform from being a good manager to being a great leader — and help others to do the same? Or have you already been on that journey? As a CEO coach, I’ve found that one of the biggest signs your company is on the right track is that your management […]