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Let’s cut the BS about morning routines

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Forget the advice you’ve heard, well, maybe not all of it, but it’s time to put the Airpods in and block out a lot of the noise. There are countless articles about morning routines to scroll through, most specifically geared toward productivity and success. 

Ditch the coffee and pick up a handful of fallen leaves– 10 millionaire habits to start your day. 

Become a billionaire easily! Begin your day by gulping down a dozen raw eggs!

This award-winning app creator’s key to success is that she runs a half marathon every morning!

You’ve probably read a bunch of similar titles. And there’s nothing wrong with those pieces. I personally enjoy reading them and often do so! As the powerfully curious creatures humans are, we love to peel the curtain back and fog up the window that peeks into someone else’s life.

We don our Sherlock Holmes caps, seeking insight into the realities of others, looking for patterns that could potentially dictate things like success. 

But ultimately, their morning routines don’t matter unless they have aspects that also work for you. 

If you’re not an early riser, setting a 4 am alarm probably won’t improve your productivity, it might even hinder it. There’s no need to force yourself out of REM and start reading emails before the birds even wake up if that’s not your thing!

To be clear, you absolutely can take inspiration from other people and their morning, afternoon, or evening habits! Consider how their routine might suit your needs. Try it out! The perfectly sized glass slipper might be out there just waiting for you to find it. 

In reality, the only morning routine that will increase your productivity and success is the morning routine that suits you

You might not have had success with morning routines before because you’ve been pushing yourself to act in a way that feels completely unnatural to you. 

Allow yourself the space to continue to play and experiment and make the morning a time of self-discovery and expansion. 

Test out whether exercising first thing in the morning increases your energy or not. Switch from coffee to tea, and switch back if you miss that daily cappuccino. Meditate instead of checking Twitter, or read five pages of a book.

Sit in silence for 30 minutes, or blast the Killers and dance around. I recommend headphones for the last one if your partner is prepping for their 8 am meeting at the coffee table, but you do you! 

There are so many different ways that you can support yourself. 

I want you to let go of the idea that someone else’s morning routine is the secret to productivity.

Create a morning routine that supports you as a conscious leader. Feeling guilty, ashamed, or behind for not doing it the same way as a billionaire or how some book tells you to start your day means you are in drama.  You are not approaching your morning routine from above the line; open to how you can create one unique to you.  

Even more important, let go of the idea that a morning routine is about productivity at all

Set yourself free from the idea that the morning routine is about completing a to-do list. It’s not about a bunch of habits that some other guru online tells you to do.

The key thing is fostering a mindset.

Have you used the start of the day to cultivate your presence? Do you feel energized, clear, and inspired? 

Focus on whether your morning routine helps you create a mindset that encourages you, your growth, and your success. 

You don’t have to gear your morning routine towards becoming the most productive version of yourself possible. Supporting yourself in the morning might create that experience, but the most important thing is creating a mindset you want to carry with you throughout your day. 

Your morning routine is about kicking the day off to create your favorite, most authentic version of yourself. 

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Dr. Caneel Joyce is a CEO Coach and social scientist who helps people break out of the invisible traps and make whole-life changes easily and naturally.

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