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You Don’t have Split Personalities – Beginning Persona Work



It’s Halloween, the perfect time for embracing costumes and unleashing hidden aspects of ourselves. But here’s the thing: persona exploration goes beyond just Halloween. It’s a journey of self-discovery and conscious leadership that can be pursued year-round.

You might be wondering how this relates to Conscious Leadership. Well, dressing up in costumes allows us to tap into different personas and express parts of ourselves that often remain hidden. It’s a soul-liberating experience. So, let’s delve deeper into the concept of personas and their significance in shaping our whole selves.

Within each of us reside multiple selves, each with its own unique needs, fears, desires, personalities, and quirks. These selves can be identified as distinct personas, each with its own set of heroes, role models, and values. By recognizing and resolving conflicts between your personas, you can cultivate greater peace, ease, and confidence in your life.

Imagine unpacking your personas and enabling all your incredible and unique parts to collaborate harmoniously as a whole. Inner conflicts and suffering often arise when our personas fail to get along with each other. There may be a lack of trust among them, and this usually stems from valid reasons.

Consider the wise Wizard aspect of your personality that prefers to take things slow and weigh options carefully. It may not resonate well with the scared, impulsive bunny rabbit that makes split-second decisions. Nevertheless, both of these parts exist within you.

Each of us possesses powerful, wise, and strong aspects, as well as fragile and sensitive parts. How we embody these aspects often ties back to our life history. For instance, the wise part may reflect how we were at eight years old, while the scared little rabbit part might harken back to our four-year-old self. These parts stay with us, getting activated at different points in our lives.

However, when these conflicting parts clash, it becomes challenging to move forward while feeling whole. Internal divisions hinder progress. This is where conscious leadership comes into play.

Approaching this from the perspective of conscious leadership requires us to delve into the personas at play. We must identify the different aspects of ourselves and how they manifest in our bodies and psyches.

Begin by focusing on what you already understand—the different parts of you. Maybe there’s a straight-A student obsessed with earning gold stars, a rebel who yearns to break all the rules and get into trouble, or a boss that craves control over everything and everyone. It’s like the Breakfast Club, each persona having its own distinct flavor.

Once you’ve identified a persona, explore ways to amplify its personality. Conduct an interview with that persona. Inquire about its biggest fears and desires. Reflect on where it originated and when it first emerged in your life. Why does it show up? Is its presence beneficial or holding you back?

By getting to know your personas, you can bring them to life and tap into their wisdom. Listen attentively to what they want and flesh them out. Often, we suppress or ignore these personas, pretending they don’t exist or attempting to rise above them. But the truth is, they are all at play within us. Imagine a massive bus and everyone has a seat. Sometimes one persona takes the wheel, while others sit in the backseat or argue over who gets to ride shotgun. This is what it means to be human.

Engaging with your personas, exploring the different aspects of your inner self, and understanding their wants and needs can catalyze personal growth. The goal of persona work is to allow each persona to be witnessed and learn from its role in a way that surpasses our usual limitations. By honoring and embracing the diverse parts of yourself without judgment, adopting a healthy curiosity and growth mindset, you can discover more about yourself—perhaps even uncover the parts you’ve been suppressing.

Use persona exploration as a tool for personal growth and conscious leadership and unveil the hidden dimensions within you so you can embark on a transformative journey towards a more integrated and authentic self.

This article is related to my podcast episode on personas – Listen here. 

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