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How to Become a Lucky Person



Do you consider yourself lucky?  

I have a friend who is notoriously lucky. We even call him “Lucky Nicky.” 

Example: In our pre-ridesharing days in San Francisco, Roy and I would go to meet Nick for dinner in an impossible-to-park-in part of town. Roy and I would circle a couple times then either cave in and use valet, or park far away then walk for a few cold, wet blocks. (Sadly for Roy, this contributed to me phasing high heels out of my life.)

Lucky Nicky on the other hand would drive right to the front of the restaurant and BOOM! Parked right in “his spot”. Somehow, “his spot” was always there, right when he drove up. No matter where we went.

Now explain that to me!!!

Before I go on, keep this in mind: I’m not as woo-woo as I may sometimes (often?) seem. I believe in love and creativity, but I’m a trained social scientist, a data nerd who spent 12 years steeped in the skeptical culture of academia. I get probability. I’m deeply aware of how riddled our perceptions are, and our long list of cognitive biases.

So I had a VERY hard time believing in “luck.”

But it turns out, you can actually LEARN to become lucky. The research backs this up! If I hadn’t heard this from one of my heroes I don’t think I would have believed this.

That hero is Gay Hendricks – a Stanford PhD, and mega-expert in psychology, consciousness, and relationships. He wrote best sellers like The Big Leap and Joy of Genius – and his new book is Conscious Luck.

Yes. You can choose to be lucky. It’s a conscious decision. Conscious change begins with commitment, a conscious commitment that brings into mind what you want most, including being lucky. 

How to Be Lucky 

Gay Hendricks recommends creating luck-worthy goals. Luck-worthy goals are a visionary tool where you create goals that you feel you could accomplish if you were lucky. These goals ignite your passion and inspire you to move forward. 

In his book, Gay Hendricks talks about how you can create a commitment to being lucky. All conscious change begins with a new commitment. Conscious leadership requires conscious commitment. 

You can commit to being lucky. Choose to be lucky. Know yourself as lucky. Refuse to be unlucky. Because you are the creator of your life. 

And if you feel you don’t “deserve” to be lucky…

Love the part of yourself that doesn’t feel worthy. 

Love the part of yourself that is fearful or doubting. 

You’re a whole human with real, tough, beautiful human emotions

You do deserve to be lucky. And you have the power to be lucky. 

Make a conscious choice to be lucky and welcome good things into your life. When you choose to facilitate luck and opportunity into your life, you will see the magic that can emerge from shifting your mindset.

This article is related to my podcast interview with Gay Hendricks – Listen here. 

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Dr. Caneel Joyce is a CEO Coach and social scientist who helps people break out of the invisible traps and make whole-life changes easily and naturally.

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