Risk & Resilience – A Moment of Reflection

In February, I was a speaker at The Nook’s “Risk & Resilience” event in Sun Valley, Idaho and I wanted to share my personal experience with you:   The power of connection began almost the minute I got on the plane headed to gorgeous Sun Valley. It was full of entrepreneurs, founders and seasoned career-executives…

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THE NOOK PODCAST: Doing What You were Made For on Purpose

I was recently on The Nook Podcast talking about how to actually do what you were meant to do. I’m not talking stumbling into something that kinda fits. I’m talking, knowing your life goals, knowing your strengths, and actually moving forward to be the person who aligns with those strengths. I’m talking connecting with your…

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Nobody Needs a Coach.

Do you need a coach? Or does your cofounder? Your husband? Your direct report? That guy from your YC class? How do you know who needs one? What would happen if you didn’t get one? I’ve got an opinion on this. No, you do not need a coach. Maybe you’ve been part of a conversation…

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Transforming from a Good Manager to a Great Leader

Want to learn about how you can transform from being a manager to being an effective leader — and help others to do the same? Or have you already been on that journey? As a CEO coach, I’ve found that one of the biggest signs your company is on the right track is that your management style…

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Letting Go

The seed for today’s post is an email exchange I had in 2017 with a client who is near and dear to me. The subject was “letting go.” In a hurry to get my blog done today, I found it saved in an email folder called ‘blog post potential’. Funny enough, “letting go” is exactly…

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Samurai Training

If you really knew me, you’d know I’m feeling a lot of creativity and challenger energy flowing through me these days. My work is learning to work with it and to let it flow — to be in partnership and consciously allow this power to guide me. What’s coming through clearly is massive desire to slice through…

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The humanizing power of check-ins (with Terry Lee)

humanizing power of check ins

Last week, I posted a video of me in conversation with Kickass client Terry Lee about why he calls his company a “team” and not a “family”. The majority of that video was about the hazards of using “family” to refer to our companies and why we’re so prone to use it in the first…

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