The Emerging Potential for Women Leaders

woman leaders

In our last post, Miriam Meima and I outlined the three unspoken challenges of women in tech — being seen, being heard, and being ourselves. We have had the opportunity to coach a number of today’s most successful women leaders. Through that work a fascinating paradox has emerged — that the path to being seen…

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Get your focus back by reclaiming your final 5%

woman with side bun

  It’s a fallacy to believe your success at work can be separated from your success as a human being. And truly successful leaders know this. They focus on being successful on a personal level first – and everything follows from that intention. So, that said, what does it mean to be successful in this…

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Why the Los Angeles startup scene will keep growing

Growth in the Startup Scene around Los Angeles

You’ve probably heard that my home town of Los Angeles has startup fever. There is no doubt that the LA tech scene is heating up. But is high-tech a trend, or can “Silicon Beach” really make a dent in the culture of a town where “the industry” refers to entertainment and not technology? Silicon Beach…

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Design is an Organizational Behavior Challenge

Innovating Organizational Behavior

What do top universities, international airlines, and the California DMV have in common? Answer: Terrible websites, with so much hierarchy in their navigation scheme that accomplishing a basic task requires a black belt in enterprise bureaucracy.  Why do companies with so many resources at their disposal have such a hard time producing good design? Simple,…

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Growth is not magic

There’s been lots of hype lately about growth and growth hacking. I’ve even heard such nonsense as “we can turn on virality whenever we want to.” (Um, if it were that easy….. never mind.) The truth about user acquisition is that while there are some fundamental principles at work, there is no substitute for having…

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