Brittany Allyn on the Burden of Beauty, plus Dating & Anti-Aging

Caneel and Brittany

The beauty-brains paradox tells the story that if you’re beautiful you can’t be intelligent and if you’re intelligent you can’t be beautiful. Brittany Allyn and I discuss the stereotypes and judgments received based on outward appearances and how beauty is a form of social currency.

Conscious Leadership and Work-Life Coordination with CEO of Alamo Drafthouse, Shelli Taylor

s1e60 shelli taylor

You’ve learned all the basics of Conscious Leadership right? You’ve gone to the community meetings. You’ve listened to all the podcasts… So… What’s next? Today we speak with CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Shelli Taylor who has been putting lessons she’s learned from this podcast to practice in her real life, her career, and her relationships. She is here to inspire you to put your conscious leadership training into action.

Complete Design Thinking Crash Course with Luke Entrup

s1e56 luke entrop

True breakthroughs come, not just in whatever your innovation is or whatever it is that you’re designing, but breakthroughs come in this internal opening of yourself when you’re most interested in how to serve and how to best understand your users. Today, I’m offering you a special skill-building series training that I actually developed for […]

Finding Gratitude in Challenges

This week is Thanksgiving in the United States and it’s one of my favorite holidays, although this year is going to look pretty different for almost all of us. This is also normally the week where we would talk a lot about gratitude and why it’s important. One of the things that I often see […]

Conversations at Base Camp – How to Ask for and Get What You Want

How do you ask for and get what you want? I used to be a business school professor and one of the key courses I would teach to MBAs, undergrads and executive MBAs is negotiation, the skills and theories around negotiation and how to get what you want. By far, the biggest takeaway is most […]