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One of the Main Goals of Conscious Leaders



Often, in life, you may ask yourself questions like, “Is this the right path for me?”

You think of it as an elusive answer. Floating around somewhere ‘out there’. 

But the next step is always the one right in front of you.

You can get an inherent sense of your path by asking yourself, “Am I in integrity?” 

Integrity is the through-line running through all of conscious leadership work. It’s one of the main goals.

But what does integrity truly mean?

As one of the most commonly chosen corporate value statements, integrity means you do what you say you will do.

Sounds simple right? (It can be if you set yourself up for success with clear agreements)

Not so much!  

You could think of integrity as a form of honesty, but integrity is also about wholeness and integration. You are not leaving something out. You are uniting through integrity and there’s a strength to that.  A strength you will feel in your body.  You will feel alive with energy. 

Integrity affects your relationship with time, such as your plans for the future, or the way you understand your past. It matters in your relationship with money as well as other forms of energy.  When you have integrity there will be an ease and flow to everything.  

Slipping out of integrity happens a lot, and sometimes it’s subtle enough you don’t even realize you’ve done it until you notice your friends have stopped inviting you to trivia night because you flaked the past 4 times. 

Being in integrity is claiming 100% responsibility for the pieces you can control.  

When you’re out of integrity you open yourself up to burnout, creative depletion, broken agreements, and drama. 

Are you in integrity? 

Here’s a quick Integrity checklist: 

  • You do what you say you’ll do
  • You only say yes when you mean yes – having a whole body yes
  • You renegotiate agreements to create a whole body yes
  • You claim 100% responsibility for what you can control and let go of what you cannot control

Living and leading from a place of integrity boosts your creative energy, naturally ends drama, improves your agreements & relationships, and empowers you to walk the walk.

This article is related to my podcast episode on integrity – Listen now. 

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Dr. Caneel Joyce is a CEO Coach and social scientist who helps people break out of the invisible traps and make whole-life changes easily and naturally.

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