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The Change Formula – Why Self-Help Books Aren’t Working for You

Season 1, Episode 38

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I'm a social scientist who helps people break out of the invisible traps and make whole-life changes easily and naturally.

My Most Fundamental Coaching Tool

You really want to change ________(fill in the blank). 

It is on your mind all the time. You have a strong desire for it and keep thinking to yourself…I will start tomorrow, I will start next week, or I will do this and that to make it happen.

But it hasn’t happened.

Ready for some real talk? 

Truth is… you are comfortable, you are safe and you are not willing to change.

The bigger truth is…you are Allowed to stay exactly the same 


You are Allowed to make the change happen. 

You are Allowed to choose whichever path you want without any guilt, shame, or remorse.

The choice is yours. You are the creator of your life. 

Unfortunately, wanting to change is not enough to make it happen. If that’s all it took, the change you’ve been dreaming of would’ve happened already. 

You need more. You need a boost.

To understand why self-help books aren’t working for you, I invite you to try out a fundamental tool I use in coaching called the Change Formula. 

The Change Formula is a ground-breaking method. When implemented correctly, the Change Formula helps you create sustainable, LASTING change.

Vision x Discomfort + Support = The Change Formula

Why Vision is Essential for Change

For a sustainable change, you need to have a vision. It needs to be so clear, specific, and compelling it lights your body on fire. If you don’t feel this way about your vision then it is going to be difficult. 

The best vision really taps into your body in a way that it calls forth your creative energy. 

There are ways to get your vision to this level if you are not feeling it. You can create a vision board, you can create it with your mind, or you can ask a friend to help you to push the vision as far as you can. Sometimes it just takes pushing the vision farther to break into your creative energy surrounding it. 

Listen to your body on this as it will be your guide to a clear, compelling vision. You are Allowed to create an incredible vision without fear, judgment, and limitations. 

This vision is the first fundamental piece to the Change Formula. 

The Importance of Discomfort

Humans don’t like discomfort.  They want to avoid it. Most of modern life is geared towards eliminating as much discomfort as possible from your daily life. 

Humans seek stability. Resistance to change is both normal and natural. I want you to remove any sense of self-judgment around it. 

But here’s the thing: the more uncomfortable you are, the more willing you will be to get out of the current circumstance you have created that is making you truly uncomfortable and dissatisfied.

Discomfort is your friend in the change process. Discomfort gives you insight into what needs to change. Discomfort propels you into action. 

Challenge yourself to see the things you don’t want to see.  Look at yourself, your own way of being, and your own way of doing.  

Face the realities in your life that have been scary to face. Face the reasons you want this vision. Imagine the consequences of never getting out of the circumstance you are hoping to move past.

Your increased discomfort will ultimately lead you to the comfort you will receive after making a necessary change. 

When you are uncomfortable enough and you’ve multiplied your discomfort by your compelling vision you are looking at a mighty force that will help you become willing to change.

Support Your Change

Change can be as simple as switching up your morning routine in order to be more productive and as complex as switching career paths or going back to school. Change can be scary which can lead to you reverting backward. 

This is why support is essential. 

Support can look like a million things.  It can be any kind of support.  Maybe you decide to skip a run on Saturday morning so you can sleep in, supporting your body and mind through rest.  

Or maybe you hire a great therapist or coach to challenge you. You can read books on things you really enjoy learning about.  Or you could plan a get-together with a friend. 

The most useful support for change tends to be finding a human to support you.  Being willing to reach out to others for support can greatly increase sustainable change.  You can find a community online or in person.  

With support, you can become more self-aware, feel safer, calmer, more self-regulated, and less stressed out while going through the change process. 

Be the Change 

Sustainable change is possible when you tap into your willingness to change, your way of being towards the change, and you work the Change Formula to make the change. 

Transformation is a journey requiring self-commitment, work, and support. That’s the beauty of it. Change may not come easily, but it happens intentionally. 

Step into the creator role of your own life and create the changes you’ve been dreaming about.


About this episode

Let’s take a deep look into the Change Formula. The Change Formula is a groundbreaking method guiding you to create sustainable, lasting change. You have free will, and taking 100% responsibility for how you show up is key to this process. Resistance to change is real, but with the foundational knowledge of the Change Formula it is possible to overcome obstacles holding you back.

Listen and learn how to push past your resistance and create the differences in your life you’ve been dreaming of. Throughout this episode, explore the 3 key elements to the Change Formula and why they are essential empowerment tools for change. You are allowed to achieve the change you’ve been wanting.

Time to step into being the creator of your own life.

7:08 – What does resistance have to do with change and how can you overcome it?

11:46 – The role free will as conscious leaders plays in your own accountability for things happening in your life and the change you are or are not making.

16:36 – Some of the main reasons why you will not be able to overcome resistance to change.

19:13 – How do you find the willingness to change? How do you use the change formula?

25:02 – What role does discomfort play in sustainable change?

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