Shadow Work – How to Stop Getting Triggered

When is the last time something just pushed your button and before you knew it, you were in a really different heated, emotional state? Usually, it’s a state of anger, but sometimes it can be shame, blame or guilt. These are your triggers.

The Secrets that Transform your Life

How do the mega-successful become so successful? The secret is easier than you think. Leaders work hard to succeed and grow by pushing themselves and trying hard only to find they feel burnt out and unfulfilled.

Doing What You were Made For on Purpose

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I was recently on The Nook Podcast talking about how to actually do what you were meant to do. I’m not talking stumbling into something that kinda fits. I’m talking, knowing your life goals, knowing your strengths, and actually moving forward to be the person who aligns with those strengths. I’m talking connecting with your […]