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Mastering Your Destiny as the Creator of Your Life



What if the only thing standing in your way is… you?

*Record scratch* 

*Screeching brakes*

*Pot clanging*

Yeah, that can be a tough pill to swallow.

But it doesn’t have to be! There is an INCREDIBLE amount of opportunity that comes with this realization.

You can create ANYTHING you want! 

Conscious leadership is POWERFUL. Victimhood? Not so much. 

When you question your limiting mindsets, you move out of Drama and into a state of being that is focused on your growth, advancement, and success. 

You have the ability to bring your visions to life through your creative power, your curiosity, your responsibility, and your resourcefulness. 

Introducing the Empowerment Triangle! 

The Empowerment Triangle is the counterpart framework to the Drama Triangle. When you’re in Drama, you go into Victim, Villain (Persecutor), and Hero (Rescuer) mode. 

When you’re empowered, you have access to Creator, Coach, and Challenger mode. 

Is there some area of your life where you have been in victimhood? Have you felt powerless and unable to change? 

Would you be willing to step into being the Creator of a different circumstance in that area of your life? Would you be willing to take ownership of creating a different vision? 

You can move away from victimhood and towards empowerment by embracing the role of Creator over your reality. 

Let’s talk about the Creator role on the Empowerment Triangle.

The Creator role is the empowered opposite of Victim mode. 

Creators take personal responsibility for their circumstances. In Creator mode, you claim your full power and responsibility. 

You recognize that anything you have control over, you’re responsible for. You no longer feel at the mercy of the circumstances around you. You acknowledge your hand in creating your life. And when you do that, responsibility doesn’t feel like a burden, it feels like an opportunity to design a life that is by and for you. 

The Creator mindset is about taking the right amount of responsibility- responsibility for that which you can control. The Creator is exquisite at noticing all of the different things that they have control over. 

The power that comes from that sense of responsibility is that you can notice all of the different areas where you have control and power that you may not have previously been accessing. 

When you find yourself in Creator mode, you’ll notice that your vision becomes more clear. You are more tapped into your passion. You are connected to your desire and you see that vision with enough clarity that you feel it’s moving closer to you.

Every time you take action, your focus is on actualizing your vision. 

Difference Between a Victim Mindset and Creator Mindset 

Anytime you’re caught up in Drama and feeling like a Victim, you have an opportunity to shift Above the Line and take on the position of the Creator in the empowerment triangle. 

A Victim focuses on scarcity. When you’re in Victim mode you might be asking- What’s not here? What’s missing? You’re focused on how there’s not “enough.”

Creators focus on possibility. The absence of something is the possibility of something new. Something “missing” means that there’s something else emerging, something new to consider, a lesson being learned or born or built. 

A Victim focuses on what they don’t want.

A Creator focuses on what they do want.

3 Key Creator Skills

  1. The ability to commit passionately to your vision

Creating is all about willingness. 

First, you need to have a vision. To have a vision you need to be willing to notice that there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be. For a creator, that’s not a threat.

It’s an opportunity. It’s an exciting ride. It’s the beginning of an adventure. It’s starting a new journey. 

Having a vision simply means you know what you want to manifest in your life or know what you want to bring forth in your community or into the world. You see it and you want it and you’re willing to do what you can do to make it happen.

Here’s the important element: passion. 

You have to be able to commit to your vision passionately. You bring energy, aliveness, and resourcefulness into achieving this thing and bringing this vision forth. The willingness to commit passionately is no small feat. It includes saying the word no to a lot of things that you are not passionate about. Committing passionately includes removing distractions and friction from your life and being willing to create ease and flow and simplicity. 

When you are committed, you look to your results to see how committed you are. With this mindset you could say that if you didn’t create a result, you weren’t committed to creating it. If it didn’t happen, you weren’t committed to it happening. 

You can feed your passion by regularly checking in with that passion and noticing whether your actions have shown you are passionate about your vision. If you’re not seeing results, you can analyze that and decide whether your initial vision was the right one for you.  

  1. Conscious focus

Conscious focus is where you put your focus on the top of the proverbial mountain and not on the rocks below. 

What I mean by that is that directing your focus on your goal and vision is a better motivator than focusing on the obstacles between you and your goal.

When you’re focused on vision, you will find the resourcefulness to make it through many of the challenges. Difficulties may lay ahead, but if you focus on those and lose sight of the amazing feeling that exists at the top of the mountain, you lose sight of your vision. You will get stuck in the weeds, rocks, and challenges and easily slip into drama. 

When you’re being a conscious Creator you will attend to what is in service of you.

Responsibility is the same thing as power to the Creator. A Creator examines what role they may have played in creating their obstacles. A creator questions their stories– judgments, blaming, and shaming- that hinder their vision and focus. 

Setting visions is the prerequisite for setting any goals. If you don’t have a vision, a goal is simply a way to stay busy. Goals are in service of your vision.

  1. Taking Action

The Creator doesn’t simply talk the talk, they also walk the walk.  You get into action when you adopt a Creator mindset. 

Action can look like many different things- from collaboration to taking concrete steps toward actualizing your vision. 

If your vision involves leading a team, one of your responsibilities is to continue to bring your whole team’s attention back to the vision. When companies are going through a hard time, this is one of the fastest ways to help redirect energy. When there’s a lot of struggle, difficult events, and tough circumstances,  it’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong. Your job as a conscious leader is to invite everyone into that creative mode by being a Creator yourself and going back to the vision, committing to it passionately. 

Another way to get into action is to take baby steps. Notice what’s achievable, what’s doable for you right here, right now. You don’t need to understand what the entire path is going to look like. Sometimes it’s like creating in the fog and you can only see one stepping stone in front of you. Being willing to step onto that next stone and not stay stagnant is what keeps you in motion. 

Taking action keeps you powerful because when you are making choices and steps you are creating your own circumstances. You create your own impact.

As a Creator, you are not limited by the external circumstances. You have the power to shape your reality through your vision, commitment, focus, and action. By taking ownership of your life, you move away from victimhood and embrace your creative power. So, ask yourself, what is it that you want to create? What vision ignites your passion? And what steps can you take today to move closer to that vision? Remember, the only thing standing in your way is… you.

This article is related to my podcast episode about the Creator mindset – Listen here. 

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