#11: Horses, Herds and Human Animals

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With these exercises, you will begin to reconnect with your animal instinct and interact with the world on a much deeper and instinctual level. We are human animals, and we tend to numb out these gifts in favor of logic and thought. There is a need for balance and awareness of both sides of ourselves in order to truly thrive in leadership roles and in our lives.  

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  • 4 Layers of Awareness Worksheet (Free Download): Learns about the innate level of awareness each of us has within us and how to tap into that awareness to interact with ourselves, others and our environments in more effective and fulfilling ways.
  • Pressure Audit (Free Download): Discover the different effects that pressure has on each of us, and how you can measure and take back control of the places, events and people that add pressure. Awareness is key to handling pressure in a meaningful and healthy way. 


In today's episode we talk with Beth Killough from The Circle Up Experience. Beth teaches about natural leadership, humans as animals, and how people respond to pressure. She will also discuss the four types of awareness, that whether we are conscious of it or not, actually guide us in our daily lives.

Final Note: Get Beth's free downloads for more awareness in your leadership and understanding the phenomenon of pressure.

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