#50: You Don't Have Split Personalities - How to Begin Persona Work


This Halloween episode is a treat for me to share with you because it is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up in costume. Why is the act of dressing up relevant to a Conscious Leader like you? Actually, these two things are deeply related. 


You’ve likely heard me mentioning “a part of me” or “a part of you”. Today, we dive into the concept of humans being made of many selves. There are a lot of different parts of you that, combined, make up your whole self. Each of these parts can be identified as a different persona with its own unique needs, fears, desires, personality and quirks. They even have their own heroes, role models and values.


Often, when you get into inner-conflict or any kind of suffering, it’s because there are parts of you who are not getting along with each other. This is because they don’t trust each other, and there’s usually a pretty good reason for that. When you can identify your personas and resolve the conflicts between them so that they truly trust and rely on each other, you can find more peace, ease and confidence. In this episode, I show you how to begin unpacking your own personas so that all of your amazing and unique parts can begin to work together as a whole.


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