#8: How to Live in your Zone of Genius

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Ready to learn how to live in your Zone of Genius? Get the 5 Step Checklist to Living in Your Genius, the Daily Energy Audit, and the bonus Be, Do, Have exercise.


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5 Steps to Living in Your Genius: With this practical 5 step checklist process, you will begin to move forward on the path of actually living 70% of your time in your Zone of Genius. (Bonus: Energy Audit included)

The Be, Do, Have Exercise: Get insight and guidance so you can identify the areas of your life where you have an opportunity to step more fully into your own power as a leader. It can be applied to your life as a whole or to one domain of your life (e.g., work, romantic life, health, parenting.)


Need Extra Support Finding Your Genius?

Caneel is creating an exclusive, 6-week, online course designed to guide you through the process of discovering and living in your Zone of Genius. In this program, we will work at identifying your Zone of Genius.  The program will include the realization of patterns in your life, opportunities for reflection, and valuable feedback; all while helping to master how to spend the majority of your time in your Genius.

If you are interested in learning more about this special online-only offering, get on the list today!

Today on Allowed, you will be getting practical tips for moving your life into one where you are living primarily in your Zone of Genius. That place where you find effortless flow and you create value by using the natural gifts you love to use. You are allowed to bring a ton of value into your life, your company, your community, and your family in a way that comes easily to you. You are allowed to love what you do. Listen to the episode to get into the conversation.

Final Note: Get the free downloads for living in your Zone of Genius mentioned in the episode at the top of the page. With these exercises, you will begin to move forward on the path of actually living 70% of your time in your Zone of Genius.    

Tune in and learn all about…

  • [08:13] So before we jump into the Zone of Genius exercise, I want to just share with you a story of a dear friend of mine.
  • [17:21] Let's dig in and see how can you move into making your life when where you're living primarily in your Zone of Genius. Here is step one. First step is know your genius. 
  • [22:04] The next exercise is a daily energy audit and this is an exercise that I got from the conscious leadership group. I love giving this as homework to my coaching clients because it's just adding a little layer of awareness on top of activities that they are already doing so it doesn't feel as much like homework. 
  • [32:21] So the idea here is we are responsible. We are the only leaders of our own lives. We are the only ones with the power to genuinely transform our lives and our experience of living.
  • [42:14] Now, as you might imagine, as you expand the amount of time that you're spending in your Zone of Genius, other things may need to drop off the list. Because things that don't give you life, take your life and we don't want that. So big piece of this is getting willing to say no.
  • [46:59] Overview: I definitely encourage you to download our worksheets for this workshop. If you do that, we're going to make sure that you are the first to get invited to our Zone of Genius course, which is going to be the pilot version of the course where I'll be spending extra time with you extra one on one attention. (Get access to the free downloadable worksheets in the Tools and Resources section at the top of the page) 
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