#5: How We Grow in Groups

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Join the Forward Fearless Program by Caneel Joyce. The program invites you to dive into deep development in a supportive group coaching environment. Forward Fearless is a virtual program grounded in the life-changing principles of conscious leadership that works around your schedule offering both partnership and accountability throughout your transformation in a community of like-minded peers. Registration is open through December 15th.


Today we have Mary and Anna Bloom, two sisters and incredible leaders at Snap and Airbnb Plus.  We're going to talk to them about the importance of group work in their development as leaders and how their lives as sisters early on helped to shape them as the leaders they are today. We're also going to hear their sage advice on how to find, create and facilitate groups and communities. You are allowed to have partnership. You are allowed to have support. 

Final Note: Get more information about Caneel's Forward Fearless program, a virtual development program, which utilizes the power of group coaching to guide you into stronger, faster, and more sustainable transformation. 

Tune in and learn all about…

  • [06:43] Mary Bloom, who works at Snap, and Anna Bloom, who works at Airbnb Plus, join Caneel. The sisters proceed to introduce each other. 
  • [21:29] Anna discusses acting as a role model for her younger sister, Mary, growing up. 
  • [33:31] There are fears surrounding opening up in a group setting, but it is powerful to reveal what we are ashamed of and then take the power away from shame. 
  • [40:17] Forming a group requires a sense of community and grounding and nourishment. Create a group that feels inclusive versus exclusive. 
  • [48:56] You're invited to join Caneel's Forward Fearless online coaching group. Registration closes December 15th.
  • [57:16] Next week's episode is about the Drama Triangle, which Anna and Mary Bloom have learned a lot from. 
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