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Season 1, Episode 65

How to Champion a High-Performance Team with Anjani Bhargava, Partner in Evolution

About this episode:

Many great leaders understand that company culture is one of their greatest customer advantages and the foundation of culture is in the health of not only the individual team members but also of the team as a functioning whole. The first step to becoming a leader of a high-performance team is to be completely accountable as a steward of culture through your behaviors, actions, and communications. Take those first steps today and lead your team to consciously create together. 

This week, executive coach and partner in Evolution, Anjani Bhargava, joins us to take a deeper look at high-performance teamwork through the lens of Conscious Leadership. 

With 20 years of experience helping organizations build the right culture for their stage of growth, Anjani reveals some simple tactics to gain business results through transforming operators into culture-building leaders. 



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Discover if you’re leading a high-performance team with this insightful article. Learn to recognize the signs of a thriving team beyond just achieving results. Explore the importance of company culture and the role of conscious leadership in nurturing a cohesive team. Uncover the challenges of ego, trust, and imposter syndrome, and gain practical strategies to build trust and address fears within your team. Embrace the power of teamwork, prioritize the team’s well-being, and harness the strength of a shared vision. Invest in your team’s success and unlock valuable life lessons along the way.

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Want to hear another interview about Conscious Leadership?

Are you a single leader working in a larger team or organization or in a community. Are you doing your best to lead consciously, to have a growth mindset, and yet all around you there are people who are undermining your ability to make progress? What do we do when it’s just us and we’re trying to swim against the tide and change our whole entire culture?

Today’s show features the incredible creator of the Conscious Leadership Group, author of the book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, Diana Chapman. Diana walks us through some role-playing that will help us understand how to transform our businesses through the practice of conscious leadership. 

Many of us have been in organizations that have felt toxic. We impact each other and while there are many tools that we can use to really bring ourselves into the mindset that we want to have, the effect of culture is quite real. With Diana’s help, we begin to find that transformational power to create lasting and sustainable change that each of us actually has buried within ourselves, just waiting to be accessed. 

Meet the Guest

Anjani Bhargava enables business results through leadership, transforming operators into culture-building leaders of today. She works in partnership with organizations who believe culture should be one of their greatest unfair customer advantages. She partners with CEOs, CHROs and leadership teams of start-up, high-growth, Fortune 500, and not-for-profit companies at critical junctions establishing the next chapter of growth, transformation, or turnaround.

The core of her work centers around two things – culture and coaching –  helping organizations build the right culture for their stage of growth and enabling leaders and leadership teams to be stewards of the culture through their behaviors. Building highly self-aware authentic leaders, who are the beacon of who others want to follow is her gold standard. Anjani is known for enabling transformational change in leaders by coaching across three planes – the work leaders do (strategy and tactics), how they do it with others (leadership), and how they show up as an authentic human (deep personal mindsets). 

Her genius is her ability to blend her strategic business powerhouse and organizational development skills with the deep human work of leadership. 

Given her background as an organizational psychologist and her broad experience as a Fortune 100 leader, founder, investor, and board member, she understands the complexities leaders face from every angle, across the lifecycle of a business from inception to growth to resurgence. 

Anjani has over 20 years in the industry, as an operator and a consultant. Her clients include large and public organizations such as IBM, Xerox, Biogen, AMD, and Cedars-Sinai, High-Growth companies such as Slack, Radiology Partners, IRI, Capsilon, and AVIA, and a multitude of VC and PE-backed startups. She regularly works with Private Equity and Venture firms, and their portfolio. She has operated in key leadership roles for Motorola, Pepsi, and Lenovo; most recently she served as the Chief HR Officer for Topco, and the Chief Talent and Organization Development Officer for Abundant Venture Partners. She is an active investor and sits on boards of early-stage companies.

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