#10: The Hero’s Journey

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The Hero’s Journey is such an important construct in all of our lives and is present in cultures throughout the entire world. Everyone experiences longer “macro” Hero’s Journeys in their lives, as well as many smaller “micro” Hero’s Journeys, whether it’s having a child, going to college, starting your own business or switching jobs, no matter what the details are of your journey, all Hero’s Journeys follow the same formula. Understanding and mapping out exactly where you are currently in your Hero’s Journey will help you move through the struggle more quickly to reach the return home where you can share your gifts with the world. 

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  • The Hero’s Journey Guide (Free Download): Get David’s monomyth handout to identify and map out The Hero’s Journey in your life.  

David Shechtman is a talented coach and partner at Evolution with two decades of experience working with CEOs, high-potential leaders, and successful sales professionals on mastering Deep Change. His expertise comes from decades of studying the art and science of behavior change, including many deep dives with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey dynamic.

Final Note: Get the free download of the "The Hero's Journey Guide" mentioned in the episode at the top of the page. This is important for people to utilize because struggle, challenge, and experience is what creates the gifts and transforms lives so that a person can embody the change in their lives and remove themselves from patterns and cycles that are keeping them in the struggle.


Tune in and learn all about…

  • [07:04]  What is The Hero's Journey. Who is Joseph Campbell. How Stars Wars follows the Hero's Journey. More examples of The Hero's Journey at different levels and life stages. 
  • [19:06] Meet Coach David Shechtman and hear his story on how he developed his career and learn how it connects to the Hero's Journey. 
  • [32:58] The importance of having meaning and purpose and formula identification in your life and career journey. The narrative structure created helps people define the experiences they have and make meaning of their life. 
  • [35:31] The 3 main stages of The Hero's Journey. Here is the most simplified version of the stages of the Hero's journey so that you can immediately gain value and practical applications of learning about the Hero's journey from this episode. The first is the departure. The second is the initiation or sometimes called the ordeal. The third is the return home. (Get access to the free downloadable worksheets in the Tools and Resources section at the top of the page) 
  • [52:23] David's Bear in his backyard story and how it relates to the Hero's Journey. Within the Hero's Journey, there are challengers, allies and other aspects of the experience that comes into it such as "The Call" and "The Dragon". 
  • [1:11:34] Overview: Listen to David's podcast called Journey to the End of the Race. The Hero's Journey in the face of death. The mystery of death that shines light on the importance of life and allows us to redefine and gain clarity about our priorities and our ultimate story that is The Hero's Journey of our life upon the final return home. 
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