#22: Discover Your Original Medicine with Gail Larsen, Coach to the World's Top Public Speakers

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  • 2:05 - Gail has pulled unique voices from many people that the world has been influenced by. Gail introduced Caneel to Diana Chapman and inspired the entire Allowed podcast, including the name! 


  • 6:34 What is Original Medicine? Speaking isn't about the words, it's about who we are and the story we bring. Original medicine explains that we come to the world with unique and original talents and if we don't use them and share them they are lost from the world forever.


  • 8:46 - What is naming and why is it so important? Naming our original medicine is naming our essence and once we name it, there becomes a purpose in expressing that. If we don't own our original medicine, we are ill. 


  • 11:59 - We impact each other through our willingness to embody our essence and our soul. We will be able to transform others once we have allowed ourselves to own and claim our original medicine. 


  • 14:23 - The 450 vibe on the scale of 1 to 1000 is the vibration of joy, which allows us to influence 90,000 people at the vibration without even seeing them. 


  • 18:38 - How do we maintain the "In between Time"? This is about loosening our roots in false soil and this is such an opportunity to see what no longer serves and make changes. 


  • 21:47 - We are in a time of the breaking of bones and Gail shares her own stories about when she was spinning in circles and was literally stopped by circumstances. 


  • 26:29 - What gold are we going to retrieve right now that would be lost to us from any other situation we would be in? What new story, vision, and possibility can we bring to the world by virtue of navigating this moment? 


  • 32:14 - This is such a journey for those who have an identity of how things should be and how we should show up. But the reality of the unpredictability of life is upon us and that is getting our attention. 


  • 35:49 - As a leader, this is a very important practice and it is ok to change deadlines or adjust company goals and OKRs. Not acknowledging the difference of what this time is, is not serving you or your community. 


  • 39:42 - We have no choices right now except to change. A new story will unfold before us and there is a co-creative element and an opportunity to acknowledge our power and agency and ask others to do the same. Gail provides 4 key questions to ask ourselves. 


  • 41:17 - April first is “Holy Fools Day”. Gail celebrates and highlights the Holy Fools of the world and how they are following what they are here to do and express their spark of madness that brings changes to the world in a really magical way. Go to holyfoolsday.com and join the contest by submitting the most inspiring story of creating who we can be in the world right now. The winner will be the best story of a person telling us how they are pressing into this right now.


  • 42:58 - This is a time to call on your imagination. Gail challenges leaders to get away from “business as usual” and look into what is inspiring them right now to become the 2.0 of what we all are doing so that our world changes and becomes more just and sustainable and reflects the goodness of people instead of reflecting so much of the insanity that we have normalized. 

This week we have the amazing, award-winning author of Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story (Random House and Brilliance Audio), founder of Real Speaking® (www.realspeaking.com), and SBA award-winning entrepreneur, Gail Larsen, on the show.


Gail's original approach to communication draws from her own journey as a speaker, her respect for indigenous wisdom, 3+ decades in the world of speaking, and wide experience in business and association management. She is a former EVP of the worldwide National Speakers Association and has taught at Omega, Hollyhockk, and Esalen. Gail offers Transformational Speaking to a global audience through both her Online Academy and live immersions in Santa Fe, NM.


Gail is here today to share her transformational wisdom with all leaders and guide us through the grief process of our interrupted dreams, that will ultimately lift us up into a new vision of what life can be so that we can not only survive in this moment but THRIVE in it.

When you sign up for Gail's (very occasional) newsletter at www.realspeaking.com, you get 50% off on the Original Medicine teaching (making it $97) with 2 community coaching calls with Gail.


Gail also has a special report on her website at www.realspeaking.com "Six Radical Truths to Transform Your Speaking."

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