#25: What Men Don’t Know About Men - Leading and Evolution with Matt Auron

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Whether you are a male leader or work with them, this week's episode, featuring Matt Auron, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Evolution, will give you a roadmap and deep insight into the mindset of male leaders throughout the different stages of their career, allowing greater openings for cultural growth and improved communication between all genders.


  • 1:15 - Meet Matt Auron, co-founder of Evolution.


  • 9:45 - Today we are talking about men.


  • 11:14 - Matt tells us about what men's groups really are.


  • 13:50 - Learn what distinguishes immaturity in a man.


  • 16:08 - The origin of Evolution.


  • 21:44 - How men repress emotions and deal with emotions in general.


  • 23:19 - Coaching work with Evolution is about cleaning yourself out, dealing with emotions, and creating your purpose and mission in life.


  • 30:14 - Caneel and Matt discuss avoidance and going for impact within a safe space which has transformative power in lives and organizations.


  • 33:27 - Matt discusses living purposefully and how identity changes for men during midlife in contrast to women.


  • 35:09 - Matt gives us a roadmap of a male leader entering midlife. There are stages of a male leader's life that help all genders understand and relate to each other better.


  • 38:29 - Individuation is the psyche constructing itself in opposition to another and it is important to understand for all leaders.


  • 43:54 - How does working in a coach benefit male leaders and their companies?


  • 48:05 - DEEP is an Evolution experience for leaders. Learn more at evolution.team.

More About Matt:


Matt helps senior leaders in fast-growing companies scale into their potential with long term, sustainable success. His combination of deep intuition, organizational experience, and behavioral science expertise allows him to design powerful and customized development solutions for their clients such as Slack, Snapchat, Change.org, Coursera, Tile, Eero, Collective Health, Dropbox and Radiology Partners. Matt is also a founding partner at Evolution Ventures, an early-stage venture fund that combines coaching with investment for seed- and other early-stage companies.

Matt formerly worked with DaVita HealthCare Partners, a highly progressive and culture-focused Fortune 500 healthcare company as Senior Director and Global Lead on their Wisdom Team. There, Matt served as the steward for the culture globally, developing leaders, and facilitating change through coaching, facilitation, and training. Matt’s team was awarded Training magazine’s “Top 125” award for the five years he helped lead it. Prior to DaVita, Matt worked as an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant at the ground-breaking Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP), building an organization that coached early childhood education professionals with developmental curriculum.

Matt has been trained and mentored by luminaries in the field of organization development such as Peter Block, Chris Worley and Edie and Charles Seashore and continually learns and integrates current thinking into his coaching practice such as neuro-leadership and mindfulness. Matt has received coach training at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.

As an author, Matt has published articles in both academic, peer-reviewed journals as well as trade magazines such as Training and Development. He has been a regular presenter at the Organization Development Network annual conference. Matt holds a Master’s degree in Organization Development (MSOD) from Pepperdine University where his thesis research was focused on building trust in groups.

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