#53: You are Not a Fraud - How to Overcome the Imposter Syndrome


Today, we are tackling one of the most commonly experienced ways to suffer that I have ever come across in all of my coaching work, and it is something called the Imposter Syndrome. 

The Imposter Syndrome is when you really feel like you are a fraud, and everyone might find out that you've been faking it this whole time, and that you aren’t qualified to actually do the job that you're doing, to have received the rewards that you're receiving, to be in the role or position that you're in, or to have the confidence, success, happiness, or ease that you currently have. I've worked with amazing leaders who still feel like they are an imposter, even if it is their fifth time being a CEO, and they've been a huge success every single time. 

So, if you are in a position right now, or you ever have been, where you have felt unsure of yourself, maybe self-critical or self-judgmental, paranoid, afraid that others can see through you, maybe you feel guilty or anxious about it or ashamed, or you might find yourself up all night long, or maybe you're indulging in overworking in an attempt to make up this deficit, the work to do around this is on a psychological level by questioning your own stories. 

In this episode, you can begin to unravel the stories that are leading to your own experience of the Imposter Syndrome by exploring some techniques and exercises I have found useful for my clients. Curiosity is always a tool that's available for you to use, and it's especially important when you feel like it's not okay that you don't know everything. That's the time when you most need it.

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