The Number One Way to Shift You and Your Team Out of Drama

Season 1, Episode 66

Hello!I’m Caneel.

I’m a social scientist who helps people break out of the invisible traps and make whole-life changes easily and naturally. 

Gossip.  You probably think you know what gossip is but are you sure?

It’s a lot sneakier than you think.

You may be doing it or participating in it without even realizing it.

This pattern holds you, your team, your company, your family, any of your relationships in drama and makes it harder for you to break free.

Gossip spreads a sense of distrust, paranoia, shame, guilt, and more. It is not conducive to you being in your full aliveness or your full creativity.

You are spreading gossip any time you are speaking about someone or saying something to someone you have not said to the person directly in exactly the same way as you are at this moment (your tone, your side comments, all of it).

You are participating in gossip when you listen and reply to someone who is speaking in this way.

Stopping the gossip is easier than you think and ends the drama. Once you stop gossiping, you open up opportunities to grow, get challenged, and be challenged which creates a very different outcome.

In the podcast episode, The Number One Way to Shift You and Your Team Out of Drama, learn all about gossip and how to shift away from it and into your full aliveness, creativity, accountability, change, and action.  It’s totally worth it!

This week, I’m discussing a pernicious problem that you’ll probably be surprised to find out you actually know intimately, and maybe you didn’t even know you were doing it. This is a major issue that comes up in organizations, families, teams, and even within ourselves.

You may have heard, we have just launched our brand new revamped membership program where you will be connected with an incredible community of people like you, as well as some of the most top-notch coaches, teachers and thought leaders. Go to to find out more and to join. The purpose of our membership is to be able to share learnings with you and to talk through things that are coming up in your own life. One of the issues that often comes up is this topic of gossip.

Gossip matters because it is one of the easiest ways to spread drama in any social setting, in any relationship, in any team, and in any company. It spreads fear, it spreads a sense of distrust, it spreads paranoia, it spreads shame, it spreads guilt, it spreads hiding behaviors, and none of those things is conducive to us being in our full aliveness, our full creativity.

So, today, I’m taking a request from our members, and I want to talk to you about this sneaky little drama starter called gossip and how easy it is to stop doing it.


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