#6: How to Spot Drama a Mile Away

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Hone in on your ability to recognize and address the drama in your life so that you can more easily shift above the line and out of drama with these special Drama Triangle Cards. Once you are able to identify the drama, you are able to begin to shift out of drama and into a place of peace and better collaboration with others and ease in all situations. Recognizing where drama is taking place is the first step in moving away from the drama and proactively addressing situations and patterns where drama may occur. 

  • The Drama Triangle Cards (Free Download) - Get my special versions of the Drama Triangle cards that will help guide you in identifying the times and places when you are in drama.
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Today we're going to get into what are the mindsets and self-talk that lead us into drama, so that we can recognize it in ourselves and all around us. We're going to understand something called the Drama Triangle and the 3 flavors: The Victim, The Villain, and The Hero. In drama, you're lovable, out of drama, you are lovable. Different experiences, same lovability. There's no right or wrong place to be. You are a human and you are allowed to be human. Join the conversation now. 

Final Note: Get the free download of the "Drama Triangle Cards" mentioned in the episode at the top of the page. Recognizing where drama is taking place is the first step in moving away from the drama and proactively addressing situations and patterns where drama may occur. 

Tune in and learn all about…

  • [05:41] So the crazy thing about drama, is the same drama's keep getting enacted time and time again in our lives until we resolve them permanently. And one of my favorite forms of drama is job dissatisfaction. My parents are probably laughing as they hear this. And all my poor bosses from before, I'm sorry.
  • [11:43] I want to share with you a model that we work with a ton in conscious leadership and it's called the Drama Triangle. The Drama Triangle actually is a construct that was developed by a psychologist named Stephen Karpman in the late 1960s.
  • [15:43] The victim is the one for whom life just happens to them. They are at the effect of life. The victim is looking for help. They're looking for security and safety.
  • [20:58] Now the villain is the one who says, "you must pay the rent." The victim says, "I can't pay the rent." The villain focuses on blame.  
  • [29:01] Now let's go into the third and final position on the Drama Triangle. Every corporate star's favorite, the hero. So the hero is up to seeking temporary relief.
  • [37:23] So the point is, is that what's right and wrong does change over time. We don't know how things are ultimately going to play out. Nobody wants others to experience pain usually except for a villain. None of us wants to suffer, right?
  • [41:43] So in the show notes I'm offering you a tool for you to download. It's called the Drama Cards and these are tools that are open source and they're available from the conscious leadership group at conscious.is. And I also have special versions of them and a guide for how to use them. (Get access to the free downloadable worksheets in the Tools and Resources section at the top of the page)
  • [43:01] Overview: In the meantime, just get curious. This can be a ton of fun. You could even write down some of the times when you are finding yourself getting into drama, you will learn a lot through this process. When are you in drama? Where are you seeing drama show up around you and what are you trying to be right about that's keeping you in drama?
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