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Season 1, Episode 40

How I Became a CEO Coach

About this episode:

Have you ever wondered what it takes to start your own coaching practice? Are you interested in getting an inside perspective on what training is out there? What training do you even need to get started in the world of coaching? 

Learn about common misconceptions and roadblocks that many prospective coaches run into, and hear about scams and pyramid schemes for you to avoid on your path to coaching. After listening to this episode, you will have a much better understanding of the purpose of coaching and what it might take for you to start on the path to becoming a coach of yourself or others.  



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Embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery experienced through the shift from consulting to executive coaching. Discover the transformative power of presence, powerful conversations, and dedicated service, and learn how coaching can catalyze personal and professional growth.

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Want to hear about the drama triangle?

Learn how to limit your time spent in drama by recognizing drama in its three main forms, the cost of drama, and how to recognize the warning signs of drama. This episode explains what the Drama Triangle model is and its different aspects. By the end of this coaching session, you will be able to Identify what each Drama Triangle archetype represents and the way they impact your behavior and leadership. Discover how the Victim, Villain, and Hero manifest in your life and how to recognize the limiting stories you’ve been telling yourself.  Gain the tools to combat Below the Line stories and shift Above the Line when you find yourself in drama.


3:59 – Some background on Caneel’s career journey.

7:04 – Caneel went to grad school to get her PhD.

9:09 – How Caneel went from being a professor overseas to joining the Silicon Valley tech industry and then becoming a consultant.

13:15 – How to plan for your career and future – thinking more about long-term purpose and goals instead of short-term career moves.

18:13 – How Caneel grew her coaching business by gaining experience. Why presence helps your career grow exponentially 

22:12 – Advice on how to start or grow your own coaching practice and some common mistakes new coaches or potential coaches might make.

Discover experiences that give your life purpose in your Zone of Genius

Executive Coach Dr. Caneel Joyce reveals a life-changing framework that can help you overcome self-doubt, uncover your hidden talents, and radiate with confidence, one small step at a time.