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Season 1, Episode 61

Conscious Leadership and Work-Life Coordination with CEO of Alamo Drafthouse, Shelli Taylor

About this episode:

You’ve learned all the basics of Conscious Leadership, right? You’ve gone to the community meetings. You’ve listened to all the podcasts… So… What’s next? 

Today we speak with the remarkable CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Shelli Taylor. Shelli’s career as an executive highlights her passion for people as she leads through the lens of all her teammates and stakeholders to deliver results. Throughout the past year, Shelli has been putting lessons she has learned from this podcast to practice in her real life, her career, and her relationships, and she is here to tell her story and inspire all of us to put our own conscious leadership training into action. 

Join us as Shelli shares her amazing experience of being a newly appointed leader during crisis. Taking on the CEO position at Alamo Drafthouse in May 2020, right at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic, created a unique set of challenges that paved a hard but rewarding road to success for herself and her team. 



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Change begins with one willing leader, whether they are hungry for growth or desperate for transformation. In the realm of the desperate, the catalyst for change is the person most willing to change themselves, driven by exhaustion and a desire for something better. But change doesn’t solely depend on others; it starts with self-recognition and personal responsibility. By committing to conscious leadership and practicing it diligently, you can create transformative change in both your professional and personal life. Conscious leadership is about self-awareness, extending its positive impact beyond the workplace, ultimately transforming your entire world.

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The startup game is a roller coaster, and for many, it is one of the most difficult, frightening, stressful roller coasters in the world – it’s boot camp for the soul. As a founder, an executive, or a leader in a fast-growing company, you can feel alone in your struggles. We often hide them in an effort to appear like everything is going great. If you’re feeling alone in your role in the world as a leader, you can find healing in connecting with the stories of others.

Hear about the journey of startup entrepreneurship and how to navigate the rollercoaster of the startup game in this special guest episode of Allowed. Throughout this episode, featuring the remarkable Terry Lee, of Mezcal Rosaluna and MeUndies, gain insight and information about the leader’s journey and lessons that every conscious leader can learn from. He’s a former CEO, he’s a former COO, and he is human, just like you. Many of the lessons Terry learned along the way would not have come without a certain degree of heartbreak, pain, and struggle. The journey is ALWAYS here to teach us what our soul most wants to learn. Buckle up and come along for the ride as we dive into the wild rollercoaster of the startup game.

Meet the Guest

Photo Guest Shelli Taylor S1E60 Conscious Leadership and Work Life Coordination with CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Shelli Taylor 20210126

Shelli Taylor is the CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Shelli’s career as an executive highlights her passion for people and leading through the lens of guests, teammates, and all stakeholders to deliver results. Since being named CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in May 2020, Ms. Taylor has focused on leading through COVID and the reopening of the company’s 41 theaters and ensuring the safest possible experience for both guests and teammates. Prior to joining Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Shelli’s career included twenty years at Starbucks, where she was instrumental in building a culture and infrastructure for rapid expansion in China. She was also the VP of Disney English China, delivering immersive English language learning experiences, products, and services for elementary-aged children. Most recently, she served as President and COO of United PF Partners, overseeing the largest Planet Fitness Franchise with over 169 facilities across fourteen states.

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