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Season 1, Episode 53

You are Not a Fraud – How to Overcome the Imposter Syndrome

About this episode:

Today, we are tackling Imposter Syndrome.  It is one of the most commonly experienced things I have ever come across in all of my coaching work.

Imposter Syndrome is when you feel like a fraud. You think everyone will find out you’ve been faking it, you aren’t qualified to do the job you’re doing, to receive the rewards you’ve received, to be in the position you’re in, or to have the confidence, success, happiness, or ease you currently have. 

Do you feel unsure of yourself, self-critical or self-judgmental? Do you feel paranoid, afraid others can see through you? Do you feel guilty, anxious or ashamed about it? Do you find yourself overworking in an attempt to prove yourself? 

It’s time to question your stories.  

In this episode, you can begin to unravel the stories leading you to experience Imposter Syndrome by exploring techniques and exercises I use with my clients. Curiosity is a tool available for you to use.  It’s especially important to use curiosity when you feel like it’s not okay that you don’t know everything. This is the time when you need it most. 



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Most advice denies imposter syndrome, but that nagging feeling won’t ease up. Let’s lean into it. Accept the harsh truth, feel the spotlight’s heat, and let it be an advantage. Embrace curiosity, shed anxiety, and become a learner. Motivate yourself, shift your mindset, and squash the imposter within. Imposter syndrome, when embraced, becomes a catalyst for growth.

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