#30: Leadership, Reactivity, and Drifting from Consciousness

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At work, we sometimes react to something and immediately regret it. But, sometimes our reactivity is more drawn out and we don't even realize we're doing it. It's almost as if we have drifted from being conscious and we are zoned out. There are a lot of different ways that this can look, and we are going to explore those today. When we find ourselves deeply immersed in these reactive behaviors we don't have access to the here and now and we can't actually be effective. Today we're going to dig into reactive behaviors and drift moves and learn how we can shift back into presence. You are allowed to be a full human being who sometimes gets reactive, and you're allowed to learn how to shift.


  • 2:40 - You are likely drifting out of presence a lot more than you realize. It is very human but it affects our relationships and our own health and happiness.


  • 4:42 - The first step in transformative and long-form sustainable growth is self-awareness. All of us can become aware of whether or not we are being reactive in each moment or are we being conscious. Being reactive is being below the line.


  • 6:03 - Caneel walks you through an exercise to discover your go-to drift moves.


  • 7:03 - Caneel lists some big drift moves such as emailing, arguing, interrupting, proving other people wrong, blaming, body aches, getting sick, compulsive working, comparing yourself to others, cleaning, organizing, drinking, interpreting, getting confused, getting self-righteous, being silly,  worrying, and more.


  • 13:57 - Caneel mentions the difference between using these similar things such as emailing to be in presence instead of to avoid being present. These same behaviors can be done consciously or nonconsciously. She gives advice on how to know whether you are doing something in presence or doing it from below the line.


  • 17:00 - There can be patterned behaviors and big raw spots that will make it difficult to shift out of this below the line behavior.


  • 18:07 - Now that we know when we are drifting, how do we solve for it or use shift moves to come back into presence?
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