#9: Restore Yourself Like a Rockstar

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Most great leaders understand that it’s key to be balanced, calm, and focused in order to make an impact. However many leaders struggle to identify enjoyable and engaging ways to rest and reset after periods of intense effort. Enter your Restorative Zone of Genius! Regularly recovering here makes leadership sustainable and life-giving. 

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  • Discover your Restorative Zone of Genius Worksheet (Free Download) -  Follow these steps to find your Restorative Zone of Genius and take action on creating space to restore like a rockstar! 

Today you will learn how to restore yourself in your Zone of Genius in a way that nobody else can. Even the most conscious leaders who always are living in their Zone of Genius and doing all of their morning meditations and journaling practices still sometimes find themselves burnt out, fried, or taking on workaholic tendencies. Self care does not have to be boring. You're allowed to get creative with how you restore yourself, and in fact, it's essential to you living the life of your dreams. You are allowed to rest and you're allowed to trust your natural rhythm. Listen to the episode to get into the conversation.

Final Note: Get the free download of the "Discovering your Restorative Zone of Genius Worksheet" mentioned in the episode at the top of the page. This will help get you started on the path of sustainable change and lasting impact. 

Tune in and learn all about…

  • [05:45] We're going to get creative with this and we're going to find out what are the activities that really bring you back to life when you've put a lot of energy forth into the world, being the leader that you are. I have been having the best time learning about the ways that I love to restore myself and getting creative with them and these ways have changed over the years. 
  • [14:43] It's important for us to realize that we might be at our best, in our Zone of Genius, in ways that are visible and not visible to others, in ways that seem like achievements and in ways that don't, but yet, which help us to achieve or to create impact in the world. I discovered this through a client actually as we were doing my Zone of Genius process, which we also do in our Zone of Genius course.
  • [16:39] It's the balance of being forward facing and restorative or public impact creating and private impact creating. That balance and the rhythm of that balance is what keeps us whole.
  • [28:33] I think it's the same for Zone of Genius where we might have a part of our own creative process where we go dark. Others can't see us. I even have a really good friend and she's famous for on occasion, she will go dark.
  • [32:21] Overview: Now I have for you a downloadable freebie that can really help you to identify what is in your Zone of Restorative Genius and to find more ways to fit it into your life. (Get access to the free downloadable worksheet in the Tools and Resources section at the top of the page)



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